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Review and Giveaway #1 – Mockingjay Cord Necklace

As we mentioned yesterday, we’ll be hosting a series of giveaways for the NECA merchandise we received for review and the first one we’ve got for people to win is something you’ll all be happy to hear about: the Mockingjay cord necklace.

UPDATE: Our first winner is Aneirys!

NECA is selling quite a few versions of the mockingjay pin including a chain necklace, a bracelet, and dangle earrings among other things. There have been quite a few incarnations of this pin dating back from Scholastic’s release of Mockingjay to NECA’s first replica pin to Lionsgate’s movie replica from Comic Con.

I have the Comic Con pin and when placed side by side, the two definitely still have differences. The cord necklace one we’re giving away is covered partially by a dark color and you can see the gold-colored metal shining through underneath. The Comic Con pin is very smooth and shiny compared to it, but the detailing on this NECA version has definitely improved over the one that began shipping last fall from CineQuest, which was selling pins for I believe ~$40, but now sells them for a whopping $75. The detailing on the tail feathers are there and the wing feathers are definitely clearer on this version, but still fall ever so slightly short.

Still, the little that the necklace lacks is definitely made up for with affordability. The cord necklace retails for $19.99. That said, the image of the replica prop pin looks exactly like the Comic Con pin and that one retails for only $11.99. So unless you really specifically want this necklace, those of you looking to get the best pin possible for the lowest price are probably better off with the prop pin.

The Mockingjay Pendant on Leather Cord is an officially licensed movie tie-in product for The Hunger Games and was made in China. It is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Disclaimer: This item was provided to us for free to review and give away and the opinions written here are our own.

Win the Pin!

Now, on to the good stuff. To enter to win, just comment here and tell us what side of the Madge scandal you’re on and give us your theory on how it will go down in the movie. Are you mad it’s not like in the books? Does it not bother you at all? Or are you still holding out hope that Madge gives Katniss the pin the morning of the Reaping. (since Katniss does say “Want to see what I got you today?”) How exactly do you think the movie changes it up?

This giveaway is open worldwide and will close tomorrow, February 4, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random.

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