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Oz Comic Con Melbourne Wrap-Up

This weekend I attended Oz Comic Con’s Melbourne event, and wow, what a blast! It was my first comic con event and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with all of the different genres on display, as well as some of the costumes worn by visitors. It was, of course, all about The Hunger Games though and as a Games experience ticket holder I got to take part in an exclusive panel with Willow Shields which was a tonne of fun. I also got to meet Willow and have my photo taken with her, and she signed me a “happy Hunger Games” autograph as well 😀

Read on for my full wrap, including a few new things we didn’t previously know about ‘The Hunger Games’ filming!

Willow took part in two Q&A panels over the weekend, the first open to the general public on Saturday and the second a closed session to special ticket holders. In the latter I got to ask Willow a couple of questions, namely which scene from Catching Fire the novel she is most looking forward to seeing and whether the scream at the beginning of ‘The Hunger Games’ was her…

All about ‘The Hunger Games’:

  • Willow filmed in North Carolina for a period of 6 weeks, and didn’t need to return for any re-shoots
  • Her favourite scene to film was the reaping, and even though it was hot on set and some days were quite long Willow said “you never realise how tired you actually were” because they were having so much fun on set
  • Willow continued her home schooling whilst on set, and in her down time she would sometimes play dodgeball with her teacher for some PE
  • She didn’t take home any props from set, because, “these are Prim’s things, not Willow’s”
  • The scream when Prim wakes up from her nightmare isn’t Willow! When I asked Willow laughed and grinned at me, before replying “I’ll let you in on a secret, that wasn’t me…I guess my scream wasn’t good enough” 🙂

All about ‘Catching Fire’:

  • Willow is unsure of a start date for filming other than fall, and is yet to meet with Francis Lawrence or see a script
  • She has no idea who would make a good Finnick, but she did say “Finnick is a really cool character” and that she looks forward to seeing him come to life
  • Willow is both sad and happy about Gary Ross’ departure, sad because he was such a great director and made a great film, but happy and excited to meet Francis and see his take on the movie
  • The scene she hopes makes it to the big screen and would love to film is the scene in the Everdeen household when Katniss returns from the woods injured and Prim, Peeta and Haymitch tease her whilst eating peppermints
  • Overall Willow can’t wait to start filming ‘Catching Fire’, and is looking forward to Prim becoming more Katniss-like in the sequel, becoming stronger and really growing as a character

In general:

  • Willow’s favourite book in the trilogy is The Hunger Games because of the way Suzanne introduces all of the characters and sets the series up. She went on to say that “she put all the books together perfectly” and I have to agree! (Another fun fact: Willow didn’t meet Suzanne until the LA premiere)
  • The whole cast refers to themselves as the HG family, and all still keep in touch
  • She said she loved visiting Australia, during my autograph I taught Willow how to pronounce Melbourne properly, and over the course of the weekend she said she was definitely going to try Vegemite before leaving, as well as visiting the zoo and aquarium and trying to squeeze in some shopping as well

I also had the pleasure of meeting many great fans over the weekend, including some fans who recognised me and said hello! 😀 I spotted a few fans who dressed up for the occasion (and was very impressed with the number of us sporting Mockingjay pins!), including a D12 tribute in complete training outfit, a D12 citizen in reaping outfit and a female Caesar Flickerman!

The above is still really only a short summary of my time over the whole weekend, it was well worth attending and I am still totally stoked that I got to meet Willow Shields, it was most definitely an experience to remember! If you’ve got any questions/comments then please sound off below 🙂

Me and some Fans! L-R: Kate, Me, Sapphire and Steph

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  1. It was great meeting you Tash had an awesome day meeting Willow too 🙂

  2. Ahh!! Would have been awesome to be there! Seriously, you’re so lucky to have gotten to meet Willow! She sounds like such a sweet person.

  3. it was really nice to see you! We had fun chatting away with you!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Wilow was great, it was heaps of fun. Good to meet you! 🙂

  5. @Sapphire and @Kate – Thanks so much, I had a blast meeting you and it was definitely great fun chatting 😀

    @Lily – Willow was absolutely amazing, full credit to her, she was so nice and took everything in her stride. She was genuinely chuffed to see each fan and greeted us all with a smile, as a fan it was just so great 😀

    She got asked some really silly questions too during the panel on Saturday (things like would she rather be a ninja or a pirate) but she answered everything with good humour 🙂

  6. @Steph – Great to meet you too! 🙂

  7. OMG U R so lucky. PS. Gr8 write up. xx

  8. @Renae – Cheers, glad you liked it! 🙂 And yep, very very lucky! Leven and Dayo were meant to be there as well, but unfortunately Dayo had delays with his visa and Leven had a production delay on Sea of Monsters so they couldn’t make it.

    Have got my fingers crossed we might get to see them and others at future conventions/premieres, was very happy that us Aussies finally got some Hunger Games ‘love’ though lol

  9. Keeta Everlark

    I wish I could’ve been there. 🙁 I would’ve loved to have met you and Willow!

  10. Sounds awesome, Tash! Thanks for sharing about your day. 🙂

  11. Willow is a great gal! I live close to her and we have hung out a few times at homeschool things! looks like you had a lot of fun!

  12. Oh my Gosh I just realized something. Tash is a girl. I had never seen a picture before.

  13. @teamPeta I live close to her too. Weird. I have met her too before and I’m homeschooled as well.

  14. @tash– ooh, did she say ninja or pirate? xD

    this sounds like so much fun. i wish they did events like these here… our one “convention” is little more than a bunch of people getting together to sell anime/game paraphernalia under one roof. :/ one day, though. one day i will make it to an actual comic con! *fingers crossed*

    willow is too cute. i love that she likes that scene where prim, haymitch and peeta tease katniss while eating candy. that was one of my favorite scenes from catching fire! i’ve resigned myself to the fact that it probably won’t be in the movie, but i love that she likes it so much, it was such a great scene that so many people overlook.

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience! The scene where Katniss comes back from the woods is one of my favorites from Catching Fire and I hope it makes it in the movie as well!

  16. I wish I knew about that! I so would of gone!

  17. WOW ! Looks like u guys had an amazing day! I can’t believe you got to meet Willow !!!! COME TO CANADA WILLOW. A great wrap up.
    ps. I love that girls scarf.

  18. @Keeta Everlark – Well, there could always be a next time! 🙂 I am hopeful that we will get to see some other stars down under, and I still have my fingers crossed we get a proper premiere for Catching Fire and not just a media one.

    @yeah – Lol! It’s short for Natasha 🙂

    @carla – Unfortunately she pretty much laughed and said “I don’t know, that’s too hard!”

    There was a lot of anime/game paraphernalia around as well, and some of the costumes were pretty far out, but it was all pretty well done. I did get crushed/pushed/prodded around a bit, there were so many people because Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart were there too, plus Jason Momoa and lots of other actors/actresses from Star Gate, Star Trek, Supernatural etc.

    When she talked about the scene eating candy she was really passionate about it, so you could tell that it was truly one of her favourite moments 😀 Hopefully we do get to see it!

    Thanks to all too for your lovely comments on sharing my experience, I hope to do it all again one day! 🙂

  19. Hey, if any of you guys are interested, Melbourne Storm is having a Storming the Knight themed game on Saturday night to promote the new Batman film. They’re inviting people to dress up (kind of like at Comic Con) and come to the game. It’s going to be really cool, so yeah, you can get tickets from 🙂

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