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Are Movie Heroines the Current Trend or Are They Here to Stay?

The BBC has published an article about the influx of female protagonists this year at the box-office and asks the question: are heroines a fad or are they a progression and a trend that will last? 2012 has already seen four female-led action movies top the box-office with The Hunger Games, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave. Which may not seem odd until “you examine the end-of-year charts for the rest of the 21st Century, only two female-fronted films have ever broached the top 10, and both were comedies: My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2002, and Mamma Mia in 2008.”

The article talks about the long gap between the “very significant” casting of Sigourney Weaver in Alien and the contemporary wave of female action heroes like our very own Katniss, who is defined by much more than the male characters around her:

“… The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, is protective of her sister, whose place she takes in a televised death match. But she shows notably little desire to become a parent herself. Even her romance is partly for show.”

The BBC also sites Black Widow in The Avengers and Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises as having more depth, ingenuity and strength than female characters would in previous years. However will this last?

“But progress could just as easily slip back: Hollywood is always desperate for something new to sell, and while female action heroes are this year’s trend, next year it could be talking monkeys or CGI bicycles.”

What do you think: are heroines here to stay or will next year see something different? And from Dorothy Gale to Hermione Granger, Sarah Connor to Beatrix Kiddo, who is your favourite cinema heroine?

You can read the entire article over at BBC News

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