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By the Book: Catching Fire Predictions for Chapter 8

It’s time for our Chapter 8 installment of By the Book, where the staff predicts what parts of ‘Catching Fire’ will make it from the book and into the film, what scenes we’re afraid might get cut, and what quotes we hope to hear included in the script.

By the Book contains spoilers for Catching Fire, so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to ruin any surprises, stop reading right now!

Chapter 8 starts with Katniss jumping in front of the whip to protect Gale and being lashed across the face by the new Head Peacekeeper, Romulus Thread. Haymitch indignantly intervenes and Gale is released. They take him to Katniss’ house, where Mrs. Everdeen and Prim work on healing him. Madge shows up at the door with some of her mother’s morphling for them to give Gale. After everyone else goes home or goes to bed, Katniss sits up with Gale, who’s still unconscious in the kitchen. She leans forward and kisses him, which wakes him up. He says that he thought she’d be gone by now, and she tells him that she plans on staying and causing ʺall kinds of troubleʺ instead of running away into the wild.


Before we come to this scene and before Katniss meets Peeta, I’m starting to think we’ll see Gale, on his way back from meeting Katniss with the turkey, captured by some peacekeepers. It gives the impression that Katniss and the woods are being watched and security is tightened because of her. Then the whipping will be easier to set in context for the audience. I wonder, cinematically speaking, will we see more of Gale’s whipping before Katniss runs in? On the whole I guess not due to the PG-13 rating but I wouldn’t put it past Francis Lawrence to milk it a little bit even if we don’t see it in shot. I’m confident we’ll see Katniss dive forward to protect Gale and the whip hit her face. Hopefully it’ll be another memorable image, seeing another instance of Katniss as protector. I think it’s important to show a hint of the aftermath of this too, Haymitch and Peeta standing by her side and the fear of the residents of District 12 to be associated with them. It sets up Snow’s all-controlling authority and District 12’s weakness and inability to rebel.

Unfortunately I can see Gale’s treatment being chopped. If it’ll be in there at all it will either be very quick, a tiny montage or more likely full of jump cuts. Which is a shame because I love Mrs Everdeen’s healing prowess and concentration (reminds me of my own mum) but I think it’ll be gone as will Katniss’ screams to give him the medication (which I also love). I hope its there in the tiniest reference but I doubt it. And sorry Madge fans I don’t see her, what’s to stop there being morphling in Katniss’ home? She’s rich after all. The important parts of this chapter are saving Gale and turning Katniss’ mind towards him and the importance of the rebellion. So I think we’ll see her guilt alone with him and her desire to stay and fight alongside him.

Lines I Hope Make It
I’m guessing Katniss will say ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay right here and cause all kinds of trouble.’


Similar to how the Reaping was an incredibly emotional part of the first movie, I think having Katniss once again leap forward to protect someone in the same square will be a great way to tie the two scenes together, so I’m pretty sure it’ll happen. I don’t think she’ll be as swollen as she’s described in the book though and they’ll reduce it to a cut in her face. I said back in Chapter 1 that I hoped Darius would have a tiny part so that he shows up here, since I think the time dedication to him can be extremely small yet still accomplish a lot to show that Peacekeepers in District 12 aren’t all bad. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if Darius and Purnia are completely cut.

As some of the avid commenters here may know, I think they’re bringing Madge back, so I think she will bring the medicine, though it really doesn’t need to be her. So, if she’s not back, Mrs. Everdeen will simply have the meds in stock. Gary Ross already established Katniss’ anger towards her mother, so I think they’ll have Katniss yell at her and have Mrs. Everdeen throw her out. I think they’ll use this healing scene to focus a lot on the love triangle, with Katniss fawning over Gale and Peeta sadly watching then going home. When they’re alone, I hope to see most of their short conversation about causing trouble intact.

Lines I Hope Make It
I’m hoping to see a teary-eyed smiling Katniss tell Gale: “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay right here and cause all kinds of trouble.”


I really hope we see Katniss dive in front of the whip and get that lash across her face, and then have Haymitch come to her rescue. I can just imagine hearing the indignation in his voice as he talks about Katniss’ ʺpretty little face.ʺ I don’t think there will be an unconscious Darius on the ground and I don’t think Purnia will speak up. I think a tense moment will pass between Haymitch and Thread and then Thread will put away his whip and let them take Gale. I hope Gale is conscious through all these, and doesn’t pass out until they cut him free from the post.

I think the healing by Mrs. Everdeen and Prim will be short, with no visit from Madge, and will be Katniss watching them work on Gale, finally giving him medicine to put him to sleep. Maybe Prim will put some ointment on Katniss’ face (like she used in the Arena) so that the cut will heal right away. And maybe Mrs. Everdeen or Prim will touch Katniss reassuringly on the shoulder and tell her that Gale will be fine, he just needs to rest, and then they’ll leave her alone with him. I hope they keep the part of her touching his face and then finally lean down to kiss him. And I want him to wake up and tell her that he thought she’d be long gone and for her to assure him that she’s not going anywhere, that she’s with him on starting a rebellion in District 12.

Lines I Hope Make It
Haymitch: ʺI don’t care if she blew up the blasted Justice Building! Look at her cheek! Think that will be camera ready in a week?ʺ
I also want to hear Haymitch say ʺmy victor’s pretty little faceʺ, no matter what other dialogue they put with it.


Last chapter I predicted that Katniss would realise what was happening to Gale as we did, I can imagine her hearing the whistling sound and then the crack of the whip, and we may even get a quick cut to black. In the next moment is Katniss jumping in front of the whip, which is vitally important as it is completely testament to her character. This way they could probably still have the full emotional effect whilst keeping the PG-13 rating, as we only see a few lashes, and rather the end result of what has happened to Gale. As Ciara pointed out, Haymitch and Peeta coming to the ‘rescue’ here is vital as well, as it shows just how much the other District 12 residents are afraid of reprisals, especially given what they have just seen happen to Gale (which then in turn sets the stage for later when Katniss questions why won’t they stand up against the Capitol). This is also another opportunity to show just how much Peeta cares for Katniss as well, gently lifting her arm and helping to save Gale for her. I really like Ciara’s idea of seeing Gale captured with the turkey, I think it would make a good montage of sorts as the miners tell the story of what happened whilst he is brought to Mrs Everdeen.

Apologies to Madge fans again but I just don’t see her, the morphling can easily be placed in the Everdeen household, and there are plenty of other ways to also ruffle Katniss’ feathers and establish her feelings towards Gale. I’d say he will be quickly bandaged and given the morphling, and then Katniss is left alone in the kitchen with him. This will then shift into a short scene where Katniss apologises to Gale, and probably a brief mention of staying to fight. I don’t think she will kiss him again, if she does it will probably be on the forehead/cheek as he lapses into unconsciousness or they both fall asleep.

Lines I Hope Make It
Most dialogue in this chapter is normal chit chat, but I do think Katniss will say ʺI’m so sorryʺ to Gale when they are alone, which may then possibly yield a few lines about staying for the rebellion.


Jen proved in ‘The Hunger Games’ that she really can play emotional parts and I can’t wait to see her during the whipping scene. So I predict this scene will be very powerful and will show how much Katniss cares for Gale. I’m also looking forward to Haymitch confronting Thread, it could be pretty intense. I hope Thread will look very strong and dangerous, so we can really feel the fear of everyone watching the whipping. In this chapter, we will also have the chance to see more of Mrs Everdeen, particularly another side of her : the healer. If Madge finally isn’t in the movie, I wonder how they’ll get the morphling, probably Mrs Everdeen will have it from the start. I think Jen will really show Katniss’ worry for Gale. And of course, the kiss will definitely be there.

Lines I Hope Make It
I’m hoping we’ll have Haymitch telling ‘The first call I make when I get home is to the Capitol. Find out who authorized you to mess up my victor’s pretty little face !’. I’m guessing Katniss will say ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay right here and cause all kinds of trouble.’

What are your predictions for Chapter 8 of “Catching Fire”?

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