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By the Book: Catching Fire Predictions for Chapter 11

It’s time for our Chapter 11 installment of By the Book, where the staff predicts what parts of “Catching Fire” will make it from the book and into the film, what scenes we’re afraid might get cut, and what quotes we hope to hear included in the script.

By the Book contains spoilers for Catching Fire, so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to ruin any surprises, stop reading right now!

After discovering that the fence has been electrified in the end of Chapter 10, Katniss climbs a tree in order to get over it. When she lands on the other side, she falls and hurts her heel and tailbone and limps home. Once there, she finds that two Peacekeepers are waiting for her. With the help of Prim, Peeta, and Haymitch, she convinces them that she wasn’t outside the fence and the Peacekeepers finally leave. After dinner, Peeta carries her up to her room and she asks him to stay with her while she falls asleep. Her mother orders her a week of bed rest to recover from her fall, and Katniss and Peeta work together on the family book of plants. Katniss watches the television for the ʺstock footageʺ Bonnie and Twill insisted the Capitol used of District 13, and finally sees the little mockingjay flying across the corner of the screen.


I’m glad BTB finally got to this chapter, because it’s one of my favorites from the book. I think the conversation in the Everdeen’s house shows a camaraderie between Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, and even Prim and Mrs. Everdeen, that we don’t often get to see (even if it’s just faked because the Peacekeepers are there), and the whole thing with the goat is so funny, making the scene very bittersweet. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to make it into the movie; I feel they may keep the Peacekeepers’ warning, but they’ll probably want to maintain a tense atmosphere at that point.

Katniss’s injury I feel they will keep, if only because it leads to one of the first few moments where Katniss is in a vulnerable position and we can see that she’s starting to care for Peeta, which is key at this point. The few days after that (when Katniss and Peeta work on the plant book) probably won’t make it, or if they do, it’ll be a quick montage, much like it was in the book. And Katniss figuring out that the D13 videos are reused footage will make it in only IF Bonnie and Twill do.

Lines I Hope Make It
Katniss: ʺStay with me.ʺ
And, hopefully, Peeta’s response (or a distorted version of it)?


I have to admit that I love chapter 11, and I never get tired of it, no matter how many times I read it. It’s definitely one of my favorites chapters. I love how Katniss makes it to her house, even though Thread wanted to trap her in the woods and she ends up wounded. She’s stronger and smarter than him. I also love the scene inside her house, how Mrs Everdeen, Prim, Peeta and Haymitch all play along so that the Peacemakers have nothing against Katniss and can’t arrest her. They all get into their roles to save Katniss, even Katniss herself even though she’s wounded. They all make me laugh very much. So I really hope that this scene will make it in the movie. But since it’s not one of the most important scenes, I don’t think it’ll make it. They may think the whipping scene is enough to show how bad Thread is. The last scene between Katniss and Peeta is also very sweet. But it’s probably not important enough to make it to the movie, since this book has many other scenes between those two.

Line I Hope Makes It
“Stay with me”.


Keeping with what I said for the last chapter, I think because of the rather sad fence they had in the first movie, her injury will be cut and she’ll simply go home to find the Peacekeepers there, though I guess that would make the set up for the ʺAlwaysʺ line a little difficult. Still, after so many of my favorite lines from THG got cut, I’m not going to hold my breath for things like that again. 🙁

Honestly, I think all this time in District 12 really has to be cut down because at this point, the movie hasn’t even gotten to the reading of the card, so it’s possible the Peacekeepers will just come with some warning from Thread and then Katniss will sit down to watch TV and see the mockingjay. This should minimize this chapter to just a few minutes. I don’t think Peeta and Katniss working on the book will make it in at all.

Lines I Hope Make It
Obviously I hope they keep ʺStay with meʺ, but I’d also love it if they kept the scene where Haymitch and Peeta steal Katniss’ peppermints.


I keep going back and forth on this, so I’m just going to say that Bonnie and Twill will not be in the movie. Katniss will hear talk of District 13 while she’s on the Victory Tour and that will be that. I hope they keep her having to get over the electrified fence, but the fence was so unimpressive in the first movie that she’ll probably only twist her ankle a little bit and limp home in frustration. I really want the Peacekeepers to be waiting for her at home, along with her mother, Prim, Peeta, and Haymitch, just because it’s so cute how they all play along coming up with the story to convince the Peacekeepers that Katniss was not outside the fence. Willow Shields said in an interview that this is the scene she’s most looking forward to (she hadn’t seen a script yet), so I hope that they keep it in.

I don’t think Peeta will take Katniss up to her bed, and I don’t think that they will work on the family book of plants together. They might turn the TV on, though, maybe during dinner or before bedtime, and Katniss will notice the mockingjay fly across the corner of the screen… and before the newscast is over, she’ll see it again, in the exact same spot, and begin to wonder.

Line I Hope Makes It
Katniss: ʺNone of you deserves candy!ʺ


This is one of my favourite chapters but there is plenty here that will likely be left out and altered. However, I have high hopes of the ‘candy scene’ making it into the movie. Even if Bonnie and Twill do not make it (discussed in Chapter 10’s edition) there are still plenty of reasons to put Katniss outside of the fence, or to keep her out late enough to give the impression the peacekeepers have been waiting for her. The peacekeeprs also follow on well after Gale’s whipping, as they provide the audience with another clear link regarding the levels of oppression and brutality that is being imposed by the Capitol.

I would expect the conversation to change dramatically between Katniss, Prim, Mrs Everdeen, Haymitch and Peeta (especially if we don’t see a goat again!) but it’s a great moment to show how close they have all become and just how much is also at stake for Katniss’ friends and family. If Bonnie and Twill don’t make it then it’s doubtful that Katniss would be searching the TV, so that opens up a little more time to be spent on this conversation. It’s also an opportunity for some more Haymitch-humour and a lighter moment in the movie before it gets really heavy hitting. This all leads up to one of the most important lines of the book when Katniss asks Peeta to ʺstay with meʺ and even if we don’t get the two of them spending time together while Katniss heals, I have my fingers crossed so hard for this line to make it.

Line I Hope Makes It
There just has to be the line from Katniss: ʺStay with me.ʺ I’m counting on you Francis Lawrence!

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