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By the Book: Catching Fire Predictions for Chapter 13


It’s time for our Chapter 13 installment of By the Book, where the staff predicts what parts of “Catching Fire” will make it from the book and into the film, what scenes we’re afraid might get cut, and what quotes we hope to hear included in the script.

By the Book contains spoilers for Catching Fire, so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to ruin any surprises, stop reading right now!

After the announcement of the Third Quarter Quell rule change, Katniss runs off by herself and comes to in the basement of one of the empty Victor’s Village houses. She then goes to see Haymitch and drinks with him. She makes an agreement with him that they will work together to keep Peeta alive in the Games. She goes home and Gale is waiting for her, but she passes out and wakes up hungover in her bed. She prepares to be strong for her mother and Prim, but starts sobbing when they come in to her room. She goes back over to see Haymitch, and Peeta is already there, throwing away all of Haymitch’s alcohol. He tells them they need to start training like Careers, and that’s what they do. When the Reaping arrives, Katniss is called, and Peeta volunteers when Haymitch is reaped. They are then ushered directly onto the train without getting to say good-bye to their loved ones.


I absolutely love this chapter, because it shows perfectly the characters’ personalities and relationships: how much Peeta cares for Katniss, even during such a terrible event, how much Katniss tries to be strong for her family, how mature Prim have become as she takes care of her sister, how damaged Haymitch is, how close Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch are… I hope most of this chapter will make it to the movie, as it is a good opportunity for the wonderful cast to show us how talented they all are. I’m sure Jennifer will perfectly show us how Katniss is feeling as she understands she’s going back into the arena. I can’t wait to see her into such an important scene, and there’s absolutely no way they could leave this part out of the movie. Though Katniss’ drinking session with Haymitch may be left out, her second meeting with him will probably be in, since their decision to act like Career is very important. I’m guessing the training will be very quick, like it usually is in most movies, which is perfectly fine since it’s quite the same in the book. The reaping is also important but may be quick, as it is very quick in the book.

Line I Hope Makes It
Peeta: ʺWe’re going to start acting like careers.ʺ


This chapter is a great one in my opinion, mostly because of all the interaction between Team Twelve. I feel Katniss’s drinking might be left out due to rating issues, but I still hope the gist of her conversation with Haymitch, and their deal about keeping Peeta alive, makes the cut; it really shows how much like a family they have become and how much they actually care for each other, even though they never say it in as many words. There are also little details I’m attached to which I would love for them to keep in, such as Peeta studying/taking notes of the previous victors, and Gale helping with the Career training, but I don’t think either of those are significant enough to be in the film. The Career training itself might get cut or reduced to a small montage, I think.

The reaping will most certainly be there. And I’m fairly sure they’ll at least show Gale’s reaction to the announcement, even if his attempt to comfort Katniss afterwards doesn’t make it in. But there are two main moments I really hope make the film: when she runs off to the cellar and curls up under the sheeting, and later on when she tries to be strong for her mother and Prim, but breaks down crying and they’re actually the ones who comfort her. I think these moments are key because they show Katniss’s vulnerable side, which not only doesn’t get showcased enough, but it shows character development for both Prim and Mrs. Everdeen, and it’s also a great bridge between CF and Mockingjay. Not to mention, Jennifer’s acting will knock it out of the park.

Lines I Hope Make It
“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know,ʺ is the classic one, which I definitely think will make it in, at least in some shape or form. But my favorite line of the whole chapter, which I really hope they keep, is Gale’s “It’d be better if he were easier to hate.” I think it adds so much dimension to the ʺlove triangle.ʺ


I hope they preserve a lot from this chapter because we all know Jennifer could pull off the horror and heartbreak Katniss goes through with astounding emotion. I think they’ll shorten it a bit and not have Katniss end up in the cellar. She’ll probably just run to a field and cry for a bit before heading to Haymitch’s house. I really hope they keep her getting drunk and then sobbing with Mrs. Everdeen and Prim when she sees them bringing tea and toast. We so rarely get to see Katniss comforted by her mother and I want that in there. I can definitely see them keeping Peeta’s demanding they start training, but I don’t think they’re going to have Haymitch train at all. I’d love to see Gale teaching Peeta about snares, but it’s such a minor detail I won’t hold my breath. We know they filmed the Reaping, so it’ll be interesting to see it again, but with a less chipper Effie. I’m hoping they expand the scene where they’re whisked away without goodbyes to make it more dramatic.

Line I Hope Makes It
“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know” would be nice, but there were a lot of lines like this I thought were impossible to toss from The Hunger Games and they never made it.


I think we’ll get a panicked Katniss, who runs off in tears, perhaps toward the woods, and she’ll just be ready to climb through the fence when Gale grabs her and spins her around. He’ll embrace her, tell her he was wrong, that they should have left when she wanted to and that it’s not too late, that they can find a way to get passed the electric fence. She’ll tell him that it is too late and run away from him, ending up at Haymitch’s. He’ll be almost dead drunk and hopefully a lot of their conversation will make it in, although I don’t think she’ll get drunk with him. She’ll finally tell him that their goal will be for Peeta to live. Then Peeta will come down from upstairs, where he’s collected all the alcohol and pours it all out, telling her and Haymitch that they need to start behaving like Careers. Training will be a kind of montage, showing Haymitch out of shape, Gale teaching snares, etc.

The morning of the Reaping comes and Katniss and Gale will have a short moment, maybe him saying he wished Peeta were easier to hate or asking her about where they’d be if Peeta wasn’t in the picture. Then she’ll get ready at the house, forcing a smile as her mother and Prim come into her a room, but breaking into tears as she turns to face them. And then it’s time for the Reaping. I can’t wait to hear Effie’s sad ʺWelcome, welcomeʺ before she reads the names. Katniss is reaped and then Haymitch, and as Katniss and he look at each other, Peeta volunteers– they might make this a surprise to Katniss, who was feeling relieved that Peeta wouldn’t be in the Games again. Then she’ll look out at the crowd, at her mother, at Prim, at Gale, and then Peacekeepers will grab her and Peeta and take them directly to the train while they protest about not being allowed to say good-bye to their loved ones.

Lines I Hope Make It
Haymitch: ʺFinally did the math, did you, sweetheart?ʺ
Peeta: ʺWe’re going to start acting like Careers.ʺ


Chapter 13 is one of my favourites, there is just so much going on! It is also a great chapter in terms of showing the bonds between Katniss and others – how willing Peeta is to go into the arena to protect her again, how she worries for Gale and his thoughts of rebellion, how strong her family are trying to be for her sake and just how close she has gotten to Haymitch. I can see most of the events in this chapter making it into the film, although I can see Katniss’ drinking being removed even though I desperately don’t want it to be. I think it shows just how human and vulnerable Katniss is and it’s a great moment with Haymitch as they both realise how much worse the situation has gotten. I would really like to see Katniss comforted in bed by Mrs Everdeen and Prim, it’s a great way to show how much Prim has changed since the reaping and Katniss’ games and that Katniss is also letting her mother back in, but I can see this time being sacrificed or only shown in passing. Then the conversation between Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch can take place and this is another opportunity to really let Josh shine as Peeta, I would love to hear him shout out the line about two of them coming home.

This chapter also provides another opportunity for time between Katniss and Gale, demonstrating just how much their relationship has changed when the best answer that Katniss can give is that they would be hunting just like they used to even if she was the only victor. I think this really hurts Gale and it also sets up some framework for Mockingjay nicely. Chapter 13 also includes information about Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch training for the upcoming games and watching previous victors tapes. I don’t expect to see much of this, but a quick montage-esque moment of them training would be cool and may also provide some comic relief – especially Haymitch throwing a knife and barely managing to hit anything. But I think all of this will easily be cut, they could shift Gale and Katniss’ conversation elsewhere and just make a passing reference to training and watching the tapes. And then, of course, the reaping. I think it will play out just as quickly as the book, Effie snags both pieces of paper, Peeta volunteers and then we have just enough time to see a few faces in the crowd like Prim or Gale as they are ushered straight to the train where the doors slam shut.

Lines I Hope Make It
I have lots of lines I’d love included from this chapter and they all go with the story, so I have pretty high hopes that most of them will make it in some format.
Haymitch: ʺYou could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.ʺ
Gale: ʺIt’s not too late.ʺ Katniss: ʺYeah, it is.ʺ
Peeta: ʺOne of us is going to be victor again whether you two like it or not!ʺ
Gale: ʺWhere would we be, Katniss?ʺ Katniss: ʺHunting. Like every Sunday.ʺ

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