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The Staff Reacts to the Catching Fire Teaser Trailer


As you surely know, the Catching Fire teaser trailer was released last night, and over here at MJ we’ve had a busy night of fangirling just as much as you all did! Below you can read our reactions to the trailer.


First reaction: OMFG IT’S SO GOOD ! I wanted to see Finnick but who cares, it’s perfect as it is ! Ever since I saw the still of Katniss and Finnick I’ve been excited about this movie but I was still a little scared ! Thank you Francis I’m sure the movie will be amazing and I won’t be afraid again ! The “spirit” of the book is in the trailer so I don’t worry at all that the movie will be true to the book !

Scene you’re most excited to see: Haha choosing one scene from the whole trailer is very difficult because the whole trailer is perfect… Maybe the first scene, when the old man is shot. I think Katniss’, Peeta’s and Haymitch’s reaction were all totally perfect and exactly how I pictured them from the books. That moment when they realize that even though they are victors they are not safe, and how the districts reacted to their victory… It’s a very important part of the book for me and it’s perfectly done in the trailer. This scene totally breaks my heart every time I watch the trailer but that’s probably how we are supposed to react to the Capitol’s cruelty. But I’m really excited for the whole movie and the parts that are not in the trailer (the mockingjay dress, the arena, Finnick, etc.) so I’m really waiting for November to see the whole movie (but now I’m not waiting anxiously but happily, thank you Francis Lawrence and our amazing cast, we will probably all love this movie).


First reaction: SHAKING. TEARS. HEART RACING. “Holy–!”

Scene you’re most excited to see: Is “excited” the right word for it? I guess it is, but considering which scene it is I feel kind of horrible for thinking that way… Right now I just REALLY want to see the whipping scene. I will DIE watching it, I’m sure of it, I mean my heart already hurts so bad and we’ve only just seen a little bit of it, but call me a sucker for emotional suffering but in between wanting to reach my hands into the screen to pull Gale away from there and wanting to give Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch a big hug, I just really, really need to see that scene NOW. I love that Thread pointed a freaking gun at her and even though I know what will happen, I’ll feel so unsettled until I finally get to see it. Also, the scene with Plutarch and Snow– I’ve been waiting for more of those third-party PoV scenes! I knew PSH would kill it and I’m now more certain than ever that he will. And the Gale/Katniss kiss. And of course everything in District 11, and THE REBELLION SCENES (OMG, I’m getting chills again). And little Prim being a rebel, man! Oh my god. And can I just– can I just say everything? WHY IS IT NOT NOVEMBER ALREADY?


First reaction: Holy Mother of God! OH MY GOD! I feel like I’ve just run a mile. My heart is beating so fast. When Gale appeared at the whipping, I actually hammered on my desk so hard with my fists just to get out my rush of adrenaline! I doubted Francis Lawrence so much, I take it back, I take it all back! EXCITED!

Scene you’re most excited to see: ANYTHING in the Districts! The revolution has never seemed closer than this moment and if it’s possible this trailer is making me more excited to see Mockingjay! The scene in District 11, how that was directed and Katniss and Peeta’s reactions are just incredible. I wanna see the scene with Haymitch afterwards. OH MY GOD those scenes between Snow and Plutarch, freaking Donald Sutherland and Philip Seymour Hoffman… I’m sorry I need to step away and breathe for a moment, the wave of relief washing over me is just too much! Judging from this they’ve got the tone of the book just right. I’m astounded at how they’ve managed to balance the way the Districts see her, the way the Capitol sees her and the way she really is. I mean I don’t even know how it seems so easy for them to do that in a 2 and a half minute trailer! Part of me always thought they would steamroll straight in to the 75th arena but it seems like the unstable situation in Panem is being given the attention it deserves. I LOVE the graffiti on the wall “The Odds are NEVER in our favor.” Ok, let’s be honest, I just love everything I’ve seen of the districts! “They may just kill her for us.” *Chills* Gale’s whipping looks like it’s gonna be a difficult watch. I think the relationship between Katniss and Prim is central to everything, I’m so glad of that foreshadowing scene between them. I have got to go and watch this again… November please hurry up!


First reaction: I watched it on a stream first and it was so awfully choppy that I only got like 50% of the content, but I was blown away by what I saw. It was all too much and over before I knew it so I knew I had to wait until I could see it again. I was particularly taken aback by the District 11 scene because I thought they did it so well.

Scene you’re most excited to see: I think if we go back and check By the Book, I predicted they’d cut the entire Victory Tour including the attic scene but clearly I was mistaken and I really like what they did with it because I’ve never really been that big a fan of that scene in the book. I still hope they cut out how angry Peeta is in the book because I think in this scene it would take away from the real horror going on outside. When I watched it a second time, I teared up when Katniss starts begging Haymitch to help her through the tour and he lays it out before her that it isn’t over after the trip. I was blown away that they included the whipping in the trailer, Gale kissing Katniss, and that they took a little thought of Katniss’ in the book and turned it into Snow’s plot to send victors back in. LOVED that! That’s what movies are supposed to do, take the book content and embellish it to make it work better in a film format. And new scene with Prim? Love! I’ve already watched it six times and must stop writing so that I can go watch it again!


First reaction: I don’t have cable and I couldn’t find a livestream that would actually play for me, so I kept refreshing and refreshing the Youtube link and just when I thought I was about to die, the video played… and my hand was over my mouth, i couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, and my husband put down the game he was playing because he knew I would need a hug as soon as the trailer was over.

Scene you’re most excited to see: It is absolutely incredible how President Snow and Plutarch are doing most of the voiceovers, these new scenes adding a whole new world of depth to the story. I think the setup of how they need to kill not only Katniss, but all the Victors, was genius. Other than that, the District 11 scene made me gasp, Katniss’ tears in the attic with Haymitch and Peeta nearly brought tears to my own eyes, and my heart seemed to stop when I saw Gale kiss Katniss! And the whipping, oh my lord. I can’t pick a “most excited to see scene”, I just can’t. I just… well, I’ve been a Hunger Games megafan for some time now, but I tend to be overly critical and pessimistic and nothing ever really makes me scream “WOW!” But this trailer did. I had my very first honest-to-God legitimate FanGirl FreakOut tonight. There’s no way I’m getting any sleep tonight–onwards to my hundredth replay and filling my hard drive with countless screencaps!


First reaction: I am actually shaking while typing this. Everything looked so perfect and the whole feel of the entire trailer was flwaless. It all looked like it had beenpulled directly from the book! So excited for November now. I was worried abouth this one with it being my favouirte in the series and they totally knocked it out of the park! Unbeleiveable!

Scene you’re most excited to see: There is too much to talk about and excited isnt even a strong enough word! I was loving all the scenes of rebellion in the districts, mainly in district 11. Jen absolutely slayed it this time around, can we all just take a moment to appreciate her involvement in this series?! Her crying while they were talking in the dome finished me. I’m still in shock. I guess, if anything, this trailer made me want to see arena stuff even more than I already did because if that is the quality of the tour can you all imagine!? I think its clever that theyve withhelf arena footage again like they did with the Hunger Games. It just makes every little scene so much more anticipated. And I’m still freaking out like a fangirl, whilst shaking so I’m finishing here. I hope you all enjoyed it as uch as we did! No I’m off to watch another 100 times!


First reaction: Oh.My.God. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! All of my questions answered in just over two minutes. So many book references, great costumes, great cinematography, key sequences, the list goes on. It is EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and more! I have no idea how I contained my emotions as I had to watch this on my lunch break at work (aired at 1pm Tues in Oz) so I am totally going home to scream and jump around!

Scene you’re most excited to see: Am I allowed to say all of them?? What I loved most were the added scenes, particularly Katniss and Prim together. Willow Shields talked about Prim growing up and how we’ll get to see that, her line “no to do something” gave me goosebumps and hints at a bigger role on screen for her, which I think is fantastic. I loved the scene between Snow and Plutarch, how perfect to keep the audience guessing about Plutarch’s real motivations! As Erin pointed out their voiceovers were just chilling and add so much more to the storyline, and Snow’s laugh, oh my god that just sent chills right up and down my spine! Gale and Katniss running through D12 had my heart racing and I think I did a Peeta and died when I heard Katniss say “Go ahead” as Thread pointed his gun at her as she stood there in front of Gale. I could go on and on about how everything I saw, in my opinion, was simply perfect. Any little irrational fear I had is completely GONE, and that’s without seeing what else they have in store! Need.November.Now.


First reaction: OMFG! That was AMAZING! I can’t believe how GOOD the preview was! It looks like it’s going to be even more true to the book than Hunger Games. Jennifer looks SO much more mature! I can’t get over it. I can’t wait to see it again…….WOW!

Scene you’re most excited to see: I don’t know where to begin! There are SO many scenes I am excited for. But I think I am most excited to see the party at President Snow’s house, that looks SO extravagent and vsually amazing! I am also excited to see all the scenes where Prim and Katniss interact, I think they have such a connection that every scene with them is so sincere and heartfelt. The scene where Gale is being beaten is very sad to see, I actually said out loud “OMG, ouch” and it made me feel uncomfortable which means it’s probably going to be very well done. I have such a great feeling about this installment. I think it’s going to be absolutely incredible! And I can’t WAIT!

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