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By the Book: Catching Fire Predictions for Chapter 20

By the Book Chapter 20

It’s time for our Chapter 20 installment of By the Book, where the staff predicts what parts of “Catching Fire” will make it from the book and into the film, what scenes we’re afraid might get cut, and what quotes we hope to hear included in the script.

How crazy is it that we’re at Chapter 20 already? Only seven chapters left after this one!

By the Book contains spoilers for Catching Fire, so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to ruin any surprises, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

Peeta’s heart has stopped after being electrocuted by the force field, but Finnick performs CPR and brings him back to life. Katniss is hysterical with relief, and Finnick blames her uncontrollable sobbing on her hormones from being pregnant. They go farther into the jungle, Katniss taking the lead and pretending to hear the force field with her “extra-sensitive hearing” from where the Capitol repaired her broken eardrum. She climbs a tree and gets a sense of the arena and then goes hunting for food and water. The cannons sound, indicating the end of the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. Eight have died. Later that night, a stile is parachuted down to them and they drive it into a tree trunk to get water. During Katniss’ watch, a fog begins to roll in, but instead of a natural fog, it’s a poison that makes her skin begin to blister.


Since Sam Claflin has so generously told us that the CPR scene was filmed, I’m very much looking forward to Katniss’s expression as Finnick tries to resuscitate Peeta. I doubt they’ll dwell too much on the ʺis he KISSING Peeta?ʺ reaction, focusing more on her utter panic at the thought that Peeta might die, but I hope to see a glimmer of confusion on Jennifer’s expression. I do hope they keep in Peeta comforting HER when he wakes up, because it was a very character-defining moment for me, and one of the things I’d like for them to add is her thanking Finnick for saving Peeta; it can be a reticent kind of thanks, but I think it would cement their alliance nicely without having to state everything Katniss is thinking out loud.

I don’t think they’ll make mention of Peeta’s locket here, but rather we’ll see it but not know what it is until the beach scene. I don’t think they’ll make a big deal of Katniss’s ʺbionic left earʺ either. In fact, given the precedent in the first movie, I think a good chunk of the middle of this chapter will be skipped, as it consists mostly of them looking for food and water and would take necessary time from the plot. If they include the spile (which I think they can work around), it’ll be a very quick moment with them getting it and Katniss figuring out straight away how to use it. And then probably straight into the poisonous fog, which I’m really looking forward to!

Line I Hope Makes It
Katniss: “You were dead! Your heart stopped!”


I am very much looking forward to the CPR scene, with Katniss desperately shaking Peeta’s body only to be pushed aside by Finnick. I think she’ll jump at him when he pinches Peeta’s nose close, and Finnick will hit her. She’ll bounce back up with an arrow on her bow, but then stop when she sees the mouth-to-mouth. There will be a tense moment while Finnick performs the CPR and then Peeta will cough and sit up and Katniss will throw herself at him in her relief. I think they’ll take a look at the force field quickly and set up camp. I’m pretty sure they will cut out everything from the middle, about Katniss “hearing” the force field (her eardrum wasn’t broken in the first movie, so it wouldn’t make sense now), about roasting the nuts and hunting for food and water, and they’ll cut the stile out completely. After Peeta is better, I think they’ll cut to night as they’re eating the tree rat and watching the faces of the dead Tributes appear in the sky. There will be a few endearing moments with Mags, just to make her loss in the coming scene more devastating, and then Katniss will take the watch. Fog will begin to roll in, but instead of blistering I think it will just be toxic and she’ll start coughing as she frantically wakes the others up.

Line I Hope Makes It
Katniss: “You were dead!”


The pivotal moment of Chapter 20 is of course Peeta’s death and subsequent revival by Finnick. Given Sam Claflin’s excitement to tell us all about this scene I am positive it will be terrific and every bit as emotionally powerful as it was in the book. This is also a great moment where viewers can finally ‘connect the dots’ and see that Katniss does love Peeta, even if she hasn’t fully come to that realisation yet herself. I do think Finnick will have to push her out of the way before he starts CPR, whilst Katniss is a sobbing mess as she desperately watches on. I would love for Peeta’s ʺcareful, there’s a force field up aheadʺ line to be in there or at least some quip when he regains consciousness, again the boy with the bread is putting the girl on fire ahead of himself. I’m not confident we’ll see another line from Finnick about the baby to cover for Katniss, given as in movie time barely a few minutes will have passed from the initial beach scene. Whilst we may see Peeta’s locket I don’t think they will use any time on it here but rather wait until ‘that’ beach scene to explain it fully. I would like to see Finnick’s puzzled look though as he too works out that Katniss truly does love Peeta as Katniss manages to blurt out some form of thank you to him.

Prepare for some mass movie magic here, there is a lot of filler material in Chapter 20 in terms of how long they traipse around the jungle searching for food and water. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even move after Peeta’s shock and just camp right where they are, that way they already cover off that they know there is a force field above them so Katniss doesn’t have to pretend to be able to hear it and the secret of how she knows to look for the ‘chink’ isn’t revealed out loud. This way Katniss could still also leave the group briefly to find the tree rat (and potentially scale a tree again to figure out they are in a dome) and return. Whilst they puzzle over the rat, or even if they don’t find a rat and merely puzzle over where to find water, I expect the spile to make an appearance. I don’t think that it will take our heroine as long to figure it out as it did in the books though. This scene will finish off with a brief moment of respite as everyone settles down to rest, I can envision Katniss still watching the sky after the dead tributes have been shown before she turns her attention to those curling wisps of fog rolling down the hill.

Lines I Hope Make It
Peeta: ʺCareful, there’s a force field up aheadʺ (or some quip)
Katniss: ʺYou were dead! Your heart stopped!ʺ


I really like this chapter. It’s where you really learn that Finnick is trying to help and be a team with Katniss and Peeta. We all already know that the CPR scene happens. As we have heard about it from Sam Claflin himself. And I am SO excited to see that one. I have a feeling it will be a very popular scene! 🙂 When it comes to seeing Peeta’s necklace, I hope we see the happiness as well as the despair on Katniss face, enough that the audience understands the love and negativity when it comes to the Mockingjay. Love because Peeta did it for Katniss and negativity because of how the Capitaol portrays the Mockingjay. I am also looking forward to seeing how they show on film the throwing of the nuts into the force field. The Force Field is such an important part of this story that I don’t see how they can get rid of it. I am not sure how much detail they will show when Katniss goes off to hunt and the detail of her finding the tree rat with its muzzle wet from drinking water. I think that may be too detail oriented for the film, however I am really hoping they show and really emphasize on the spile. I feel like they NEED to keep this in the film as it’s how they get water. I forgot to add in that I think they can NOT cut out the part when Katniss climbs the tree to see the arena, I think this is a pivotal point in the story and if they cut that out how would they explain how they know the shape or size of the arena.

Line I Hope Makes It
Finnick: ʺWhy don’t we let Peeta claim it, since he died todayʺ

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