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The staffers of are great admirers of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and we were all very saddened by his untimely passing just a few weeks ago. He was an immensely talented actor and a great person, and he shall be missed.

To honor his memory and legacy, we would like to share with you this beautiful video by Caleb Slain, which includes clips of Hoffman’s entire career, from TV show appearances back in the early ’90s to his most recently released movie, 2012’s A Late Quartet. Unfortunately the video does not contain any clips from his performance in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (possibly because the film hasn’t been released for home media yet), but for any of his newest fans who are wanting to know more about Hoffman’s body of work, or even for long-time fans wanting to remember his most iconic, moving roles, then this video is something you should definitely see.

WARNING: The following video contains STRONG LANGUAGE not suitable for minors, and may contain ADULT THEMES and possible TRIGGER SITUATIONS. Not safe for work. Watch at your own risk!

Source: SlashFilm

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