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Flickering Myth Interview with ‘Catching Fire’ Visual Effects Team

Lovers of special effects are in for a treat! “Geek” haven Flickering Myth has just released a very long and very detailed interview with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs, producer Mitchell Ferm, and several other members of the movie’s special effects team (Adrian de Wet, Stéphane Nazé, Paul Butterworth, and Guy Williams).

“One of the primary goals of Catching Fire [2013] was to expand upon the scope seen in the original movie, not just in terms of the visual effects, but also across every other department from production design to wardrobe,” explains Janek Sirrs. “That meant we weren’t slave to anything from The Hunger Games as such, and could start with a bit of a blank slate.  The only thing we really inherited was some of the designs, such as the Avenue of the Tributes, but even then we rebuilt and expanded the scale to make things visually more impressive.  Compared to Catching Fire, the original Hunger Games visual effects were more limited in terms of budget and schedule.  Within reason, you only get what you can afford to pay for, so with more funds available this time around we could create a ‘bigger’ picture.”

If you ever wanted to know how the big SFX sequences of the movie (like the fight with the monkey mutts, the spinning cornucopia, or the Tribute parade) were planned, designed and executed– or even get some little-known details on scenes that you may not realize included visual effects, such as Effie’s entrance to the Victors’ Village– then this is a must-read interview for you.

Take the time to visit Flickering Myth and read this article, because it’s a veritable treasure of information about not only special effects, but also how they work together with other departments such as set design, photography and even costume design to bring together Francis Lawrence’s vision and transport us directly into the world of Panem.

What was your favorite special effects sequence in the movie? Did you learn any interesting details about it from this article? Tell us in a comment!

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