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Willow Shields Talks Jennifer Lawrence & Mockingjay

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Willow Shields’ charm and refreshing down-to-earth attitude can sometimes be overshadowed by the hype of her co-stars, but interviews like this always remind me how stinkin’ adorable and lovable she is. Maybe I’m partial to Prim because she’s one of my favorite characters (or maybe because Willow has a twin.)

In an interview with “Extra’s” Maria Menounos, Willow Shields talks about what it has been like to work with Jennifer Lawrence and  her experience so far working on the set of Mockingjay.

Watch the interview here or read the transcribed interview below.

MM: Welcome.

WS: Thank you.

MM: So you were up late last night. Tell me why.

WS: Very late. I was signing copies of Catching Fire on DVD and Blue-Ray. So yeah.

MM: Very cool.

WS: Yeah.

MM: What have the fans been like? Like, what do they ask you the most when they see you?

WS: Probably how it is to work with Jennifer Lawrence (laughs). But yeah, the fans are amazing. So sweet. And we have the biggest fan base. It’s crazy.

MM: Okay, so what is it like working with Jennifer Lawrence? I have to ask.

WS: (Laughs) It’s amazing. We’re like sisters on set. And she’s been like a sister to me for three years already, and I still have to film two more movies. So, I mean she’s the sweetest person. She’s hilarious. So much fun to work with.

MM: Sounds like she’s exactly what we’ve seen of her.

WS: Yes. Absolutely.

MM: Right. So how has your life changed since all of this?

WS: It’s changed a lot. Um, I…I honestly can’t imagine my life without getting this part. But it’s all been amazing, and it’s been wild fun.

MM: Can we talk about your hair right now?

WS: Sure!

MM: I love it!

WS: Thank you.

MM: It’s so cute. I love the little braid. Sorry, I’m just staring at it and I have to comment on it.

WS: Thank you.

MM: You also have a twin sister who’s an actress.

WS: Yes, yeah.

MM: So tell me a little bit about that.

WS: I’m from New Mexico, so we started in movies there. There was just a couple of things going on there, so me and my sister just started auditioning and we’ve done it ever since.

MM: And so, have you guys…you did something together right?

WS: Yeah we did actually. We did one movie Beyond the Blackboard together in New Mexico. Yeah.

MM: And I know you can’t give away too much, but tell me what it’s like filming Mockingjay.

WS: It’s really fun, and I’ve had a blast so far. Everyone…we’ve still got basically the same crew from Catching Fire, so it’s fun moving on to those, and I can’t say a lot but I know the fans are gonna love it.

MM: Now what are the cool extras on the DVD that people can look forward to? Which are-

WS: Right.

MM: -Gonna magically appear right now.

WS: (Laughs) I mean, there’s a documentary on it, so a lot of up-close on set. You get to see what it’s like to film a movie, and then there’s also interviews with Frances, the director, and there’s deleted scenes as well, which is really fun.

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