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Peeta And Katniss Apart: How Will You Cope?

Before reading this NOTE: SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read the books!

At the beginning of Catching Fire Haymitch says to Katniss and Peeta, “Brr. You two have got a lot of warming up to do before showtime.” A fake proposal, baby-bomb, and a Quarter-Quell later we find Katniss and Peeta on the beach together in a heart melting scene with Katniss confessing, “I need you Peeta.” Finally, our hearts feel the warmth of their relationship again. We even let ourselves get all tingly inside when they kiss as the sun sets in Peeta’s favorite orange in the arena.

And then that little voice in our head starts bugging us, “Well…they are kissing now, but what about when Peeta’s mind gets hijacked and–NOPE doesn’t happen!”

The first step to healing is admitting you have a problem. You tell yourself, “It’s OK. Stay calm. Peeta is captured by the capitol, but Katniss still has feelings for him. She wants him back. I mean he’s Peeta!”

And then that annoying voice comes back. But this time it yells, “OMG REMEMBER WHEN HE CHOKES HER!?”

And then you are faced with that harsh reality. We just spent another movie in agony waiting for our favorite “star-crossed lovers” to re-kindle the spark. And they did. But we just took one step forward only to hit a proverbial land-mine and get blown to smitherines! Ugggg! Somebody hook me up to a morphling drip!

In an article from “What Culture” by Jack Pooley, they name “Peeta Strangles Katniss” as number 7 on a list of “20 Essential Movie Moments That Will Define 2014.” (I’m a little offended it’s only number 7 but whatever!)

I know things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, so in the spirit of being practical I will make a true confession. I have another voice in my head (a darker voice I might add), and it says, “Don’t you kind of want to see Peeta choke slam Katniss?”

Slowly a smile slips onto my face. I think, “NO! You are a horrible person!” And then it happens. I envision Peeta grabbing Katniss, who has been a little whiny in D13 lately, and he slams her to the floor… and I think…, “That’s kind of cool.” (So in the meantime I might have to admit to myself I have yet ANOTHER problem.)

Obviously, I have a flawed coping mechanism here waiting for Katniss and Peeta to patch things up. But how are you preparing for this inevitable scene? What was going through your head when you read this moment in the book? Do you think this is where they will end the movie Mockingjay: Part 1? Let’s talk it out in the discussion below.


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