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Catching Fire Easter Egg Revealed: The Mockingjay is Coming

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! The secrets of the Catching Fire blu-ray Easter Egg are revealed in this post, so if you want to find it yourself, STOP READING!


Thanks to Welcome to District 12 (the same site that figured out the Easter Egg on the first film‘s blu-ray), we now know where the Easter Egg on the Catching Fire blu-ray is, and what it reveals!

I haven’t been able to check it out yet, as the DVD/blu-ray won’t be released in Australia until later this week, but according to Courtney at Welcome to District 12, after the privacy warning and the Divergent trailer, you will come to this screen:


There is a Panem seal and on the top and bottoms are random numbers and messages that appear very quickly. The message at the bottom is this:

President Snow sees RED at the sign of the Mockingjay in a Capitol Broadcast
But our supporters who press it will see something entirely different.
Never forget that hope is about to spread her wings.

There is an animation that is shown before going into the disc’s menu. Wait it out, and as the Panem seal changes into the Mockingjay, click the red button on your blu-ray remote, as the message above says “President Snow sees RED” and “supporters who press it will see something entirely different”.

The screen will then show this image, which has a quote from the book:


From my understanding, there is then an in detail look at The Hob, with close up shots of its every day happenings. Before long, Peacekeepers arrive to burn it down, which leads to the flames turning into the Mockingjay, and the clip ends with this:


As said in the article from Welcome to District 12,


Obviously, this is giving audiences a lead up to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2. So basically, I’m flipping out, and this has gotten me really pumped up for the last two films.

Thanks so much to Welcome to District 12 for figuring this out. If you want to read their account of discovering the Easter Egg, click here. I can’t wait to try it out on my blu-ray when it arrives!


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