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800+ Costumes from ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie Being Auctioned Off


If you want to own a piece of Hunger Games history, Theme Park Connection is currently auctioning off over 800 costumes from The Hunger Games movie. Some of you may be confused about these items, since Black Sparrow Auctions did an auction for most of the main costumes last year. However, we’ve learned that the costumes available in this auction are indeed authentic costumes, they are simply the backup costumes to the ones that Black Sparrow previously sold.

In addition to the costumes auctions, which will be held in conjunction with eBay Promotions in a couple of days, Theme Park Connection will also be auctioning off costumes worn by extras on set. For example, this green shirt from District 12.


This shirt is actually currently at only $10.50, so it’s actually a pretty good deal. Check out all of their current auctions for memorabilia here (including a Peacekeeper helmet!).

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