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Through the Pages: Mockingjay Chapter 2


It’s that time again! Join in as we breakdown Mockingjay before the arrival of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″ with our predictions on what will make it to the big screen and what will be left behind on the cutting room floor. Don’t forget to comment with your own predictions so that we can come back and examine who got what right or wrong!

Thanks to all who left comments on Chapter 1, we’re already off to a great start! 😀

Spoiler warning! Through the Pages involves a lot of book discussion, so if you haven’t yet read Mockingjay then proceed with caution. Or, better yet, go read the book and come back and join in!


Mockingjay certainly rockets along in places and Chapter 2 is really what sets it in motion. Returning to District 13 after viewing the destruction of District 12, Katniss describes life in their new ‘home’, from the results of the Dark Days and subsequent necessity to move underground, to their sparse living arrangements and the regimented schedule that is printed on their arms. After a brief reunion with Mrs Everdeen and Prim, where Buttercup is the star, Katniss accompanies Gale to Command. There she squeezes into the room along with other notables in the rebellion effort and sees Peeta’s first interview in the Capitol with Caesar. Despite her worst fears Peeta is healthy and continues to defend her, denying they had any knowledge of the rebels plot, though he does call for a ceasefire leading to cries of “traitor” from within the room. Afterwards Katniss retreats to a storage room to process her thoughts and decides she will become the Mockingjay.


Chapter 2 starts with a lot of exposition about D13, which will probably be kept down to an off-hand mention by one of the characters, but I don’t think they’ll spend too much time dwelling on it. Peeta’s interview with Caesar will definitely be included, mostly because it’ll be the first time we get to see Katniss react to the loss of him since she attacked Haymitch at the end of Catching Fire. I also imagine they’ll want to play up the “Peeta might be a traitor” angle, and this conversation is prime fodder for it. It might get shortened– particularly the parts about how it feels to be in the arena– but I expect them to focus on his distrust of Haymitch and the allies, as well as his calling for a cease-fire.

I don’t think her little scene with Gale in the supply closet will be included, though I’d love to see it. I don’t think they’ll dwell too much on the communicuff at this point, and probably only bring it up closer to Boggs’ death. But I’d really like to see them talk about the similarities between D12 and D13, as well as the fact that D13 did nothing while the rest of the districts suffered. I think it’s an important theme to set up so that the ending makes sense. At this moment my gut tells me that they’ll probably shift it around, have it come up at some other point, so I don’t have much hope of seeing this little moment in the movie. What I do think they will include, and maybe it’ll happen right as they leave Command rather than in the supply closet, is Gale pointing out to Katniss that Peeta is still trying to save her. It’s a turning point for her, the moment she decides to become the Mockingjay, and so I think it will definitely be included.

Lines I hope make it:

Peeta: “Other people had plans as well.”
Gale: “They’re us. If we’d had nukes instead of a few lumps of coal.”
Gale: “Katniss…he’s still trying to keep you alive.”


Like Carla I’m expecting a lot of Chapter 2 to be cut or shuffled around. I think Katniss and Gale will return to D13 to find someone like Plutarch waiting to whisk them off to Command, with perhaps Prim waiting for her sister to return. If not, I’m totally prepared for Buttercup to just make a magical transition from the hovercraft to their room. I believe the schedule printed on their arms will be explained later on as one of the characters chastises Katniss for not going along with it, so as to keep the action moving along here. It would make for a much more tense scene if Katniss has just returned and is then shuffled into the room to watch Peeta on screen.

I don’t think much of Peeta’s interview will change other than being shortened, so the focus is on the key points such as his mistrust and lack of knowledge regarding any plans, and of course his call for a ceasefire. I would dearly love for the line about killing innocent people to make it though, it is just so important in terms of understanding the message of the books/film as a whole. Expect a flash to President Coin here as Peeta’s speech winds up and the word “traitor” starts being thrown around, as I’m sure she will be keeping a most careful eye on Katniss and the audience needs to be shown this from the outset. I don’t doubt that Katniss will run out of the room afterwards, but rather than hiding in the storage cupboard I believe Gale will follow her and have a short conversation in a corridor or room. This is a good way to cover Katniss’ decision to become the Mockingjay, as Gale tells her that Peeta is still trying to keep her alive and, in Peeta’s words, she comes to realise “the effect she can have”.

Lines I hope make it: Peeta: “To murder innocent people? It costs everything you are.”
Peeta: “Neither of us knew anything except that we were trying to keep each other alive!”
Gale: “Katniss…he’s still trying to keep you alive.”


I think they could so easily skip over the trip back to District 13, how they have survived and how strict they are to ensure it happens and quite possibly even “Cat Adoration time” though I like the moment of Prim’s innocence still showing with that moment and take Katniss and Gale straight to Command I’m hoping they don’t but I expect it to be mostly glossed over at least. I’m looking forward to the moment of Katniss’ reaction to seeing Peeta healthy and unharmed. I expect some sort of flashback as Peeta tells us about the arena using the beautiful words and way to break our hearts that it won’t be him he expects to survive and to see the reaction from Katniss as he says this. I think the part where Peeta is defending Katniss and where he calls for a ceasefire will remain.
I think from this point we’ll see Katniss escape as she does in the book hearing Coin and other saying “traitor” hiding out, with Gale coming to find her telling her that Peeta is still trying to keep her alive and them discussing how they can’t go back to how it was before, then Katniss deciding she is going to be the Mockingjay.

Lines I hope make it:

“Oh, no. It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people? It costs everything you are.” -Peeta
“The question is, what are you going to do about it?”- Gale
“I’m going to be the Mockingjay.” – Katniss


Chapter 2 involves a lot of explanation from Katniss to the reader on the origin of District 13’s status. Since there most likely won’t be any voice-overs in the film, I think viewers will discover information about D13 through visuals and dialogue of other characters. Also, I hope the filmmakers show how much more traumatized Katniss is since all the prior events. In the chapter, Katniss explains how she hates taking the elevator down into D13 because it reminds her of the elevator lift she had to take into the arena. I think it would be really cool if we saw a shot of Katniss freaking out in the elevator, or something similar, to show just how freaked out she is. We also see Peeta’s interview with Caesar about his thoughts on all the prior events. Katniss watches the interview in the command room of D13, however I think it would be neat to see a little bit of Peeta’s POV. I think this is doable because of the splitting of Mockingjay; there will be a lot more time for some extra things we didn’t get to see in the book. For example, maybe we could see what happens to Peeta in the Capitol once the interview is finished and the cameras turn off. I think we may see a lot more Peeta in Mockingjay pt. 1 than we are anticipating, if they allow us to see some of his POV in the Capitol. Overall, I don’t see anything really major being cut here and I think Chapter 2 will be fairly well adapted on the big screen. 

Lines I hope make it:

“I’m sorry, Soldier Gale Hawthorne.”
“Don’t be Soldier Katniss Everdeen.” –Katniss and Gale
“I’m going to be the Mockingjay.” –Katniss


Chapter 2 holds a lot of interesting material that I hope they use in small ways to deliver the feel of District 13. On the flight back from District 12, I’m hoping Gale tries to comfort Katniss by holding her hand as they fly over and get an overview look of the district and then later, another view as they arrive in District 13. They might even do it where the movie has picked up so quickly after Catching Fire that this is Katniss’ first look at D13, making introductory information seem much more natural to the movie. It’ll also make for better drama to show her first reunion with her mother and Prim in Compartment 307, allow them to show Katniss’ fear of the elevator, and also give Plutarch a way to explain why District 13 has been allowed to remain there so far.

After the movie version of 18:00 – Cat Adoration, Katniss and Gale will likely be summoned to meet a meeting where Katniss will meet Commander Coin for the first time. I suspect that Coin will be a powerful military leader, not President yet, and will be the one to sit Katniss down to watch Peeta’s broadcast with Caesar Flickerman. I do hope that Peeta’s protective rant about Katniss makes it in. I think there’s a good chance because his outburst in general will likely make her want to flee the room, which will hopefully open the door for tension to start building between her and Coin when she tells Katniss she hasn’t been dismissed yet. We’ll probably meet Boggs as he tries to stop her from leaving and Gale will get into a fight with him as Katniss rushes away and chances upon the supplies closet. Either way, Gale and Katniss have an important conversation in the closet about what Peeta’s words imply about what’s going on with him in the Capitol. I don’t think they can cut that out, though I do think it’ll be shortened a good deal. I hope Gale’s line about hitting a button makes it, as I think that’s great foreshadowing for what’s to come and what he’s willing to do. I don’t think the Mockingjay line will make it in at this point as it’s a little too early with the way my predictions have shifted things around. I’m not even sure she’ll be indecisive about it at all, as it would be a little time consuming to have to dance around her decision.

Lines I hope make it:

“In the arena, you only get one wish. And it’s very costly. It costs more than your life. It costs everything you are.” –Peeta
“You have not been dismissed, Soldier Everdeen.” –Coin
“If I could hit a button and kill every living soul working for the Capitol, I would do it.” –Gale


This chapter is really interesting because unlike the first chapter, it’s got a lot of dialogue. I think we’ll see Katniss walk a bit through District 13. I hope that’s when they’ll explain how it all works, and see the schedule that’s printed on people’s arms. I also want to see Katniss giving Buttercup back to Prim, although they’re probably going to focus on the interview between Caesar and Peeta. Hopefully most of the dialogue will be kept, because the whole thing about the cease-fire is important. Katniss and Gale will probably discuss it afterwards. I’m not sure they’ll take the time to explain the communicuffs, but I really think they should keep the funny lines between them mocking District 13, a bit like the scene in the first movie when they’re making fun of the ‘May the odds be ever in your favor’ line.

Lines I hope make it in:
Peeta:  “As bad as it makes you feel, you‘re going to have to do some killing, because in the arena, you only get one wish. And it‘s very costly. […] It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people? It costs everything you are.”

Katniss: “I‘m sorry, Soldier Gale Hawthorne.”

Gale: “Katniss… he‘s still trying to keep you alive.”


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