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VIDEO: Everything Wrong With Catching Fire


By popular demand, YouTube channel Cinema Sins has done a video that lists everything “wrong” with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  (in 12 minutes or less).

The video mocks everything from the “weak-ass” love triangle, to the fact that Katniss gets mad at Effie for saying they’ve earned time in the Capitol to party, even though she barely killed anyone in the first film.

Please remember that this video is a satirical and sarcastic take on the film, and therefore, supposed to be funny. If you don’t like it, don’t get too worked up about it! Don’t take anything they say too seriously.

While some of the “sins” are quite amusing, like Movie Sin 8,


I find most of them not that funny, as they are really nit-picky and would not have been funny no matter what film it was. For example, when Katniss hears “Prim” (the jabberjays) in the forest and runs towards the sound, the narrator says,

Oh come on. You know for a fact that’s not Prim. I mean, seriously. Come on.

While I get that they are trying to be humorous, it doesn’t really work, as anyone who has ever loved someone knows that if they heard the voice of their loved one/s screaming as if in pain, they would drop everything and run to them. There’s these things called empathy and sympathy that we use to relate to characters in movies, TV shows and books.

Another example is this:



See what I mean about nit-picky? Surely we’ve all, at some point, started talking to someone without turning to them.

There is a moment where the narrator comments on the three-finger salute,


While I don’t think the comment is all that funny, I do like that it points out that the three-finger salute has never been properly explained in either of the films. I know a lot of non-readers are confused by it. Even my dad asks me “what does that mean?” whenever it happens!

One comment I do like is this:


This was one of the first things I noticed when I sat down and really thought about the film after watching it. In District 11, Peeta points out that he has his own family to protect. Now in the arena, he’s suddenly forgotten about them when he says “If you die, and I live, I’d have nothing. Nobody else that I care about”?

A lot of the comments are made for people who have not read the books. Some of the answers to the questions posed from these “sins” are really obvious (to readers). Obviously, Cinema Sins knew this, as they included in the description box,

Please try and remember the books do not f*cking matter. Thank you, come again.

Catching Fire racks up 93 movie sins and a sentence of “marooned on an island”.

I’ve never really found any of the “Everything Wrong With” videos funny, but I know a lot of people find them hilarious (the Catching Fire edition already has over 1 million views). I guess it’s just not my type of humour! What do you all think of the video and Catching Fire‘s “sins”?

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