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Berlin Casting Call Goes Out For Hundreds Of Extras


With production for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay about to move to Europe, a casting call has gone out for extras in Berlin. We have a rough translation of the casting call below:

We are seeking actors for a big Hollywood production which is shooting in association with Studio Babelsberg in Berlin. The shoot is for early summer in the studios and also in the region of Berlin/Brandenburg. Unfortunately we can’t tell you more at the current time about this really big production. We are seeking about 1,000 actors, mostly males between the ages 18-65. We are seeking ‘character’ and ‘living’ faces- you don’t need to be a model! We are casting people living in the Berlin/Brandenburg area, mostly males, Africans, Asian (including Thai, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Japanese, etc.), Arabs / Persians, southern Europeans, Turks, South Americans, Latinos, Hispanics and many African Americans. If you are Caucasian you can also apply. We are seeking mostly males but if you are a woman you can also apply and you may be called to the shoot.

Prerequisite for all applicants is a thin look! Otherwise there are no restrictions, the movie is not historical, any person may keep his hair; piercings or tattoos don’t matter. For the shoot, you will be on set 1-3 days with 55 euros per day. If you have more time you may be needed on set for more than three days.

There will be a large casting call (free!) on Saturday, 26.04. 2014, 10:00 to 14:00 at DELPHI FILMPALAST Kant Strasse 12a 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

For casting you do not sign up, you just come, fill out an application, take 3-4 photos, and then hope to get a call. You don’t need to sing or dance at the audition.

Thanks to Jabberjay Vivien for this tip! While we can’t confirm this for sure, Vivien says there are no other large productions in Berlin at this time. Filming will first move to Paris before going to Berlin, which would explain why the casting call is not until later this month.

Since they’re mostly looking for men and Gwendoline Christie was just cast as Commander Lyme, what do you think this is for? A large army siege in District 2, perhaps?

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  • Pulchritudinous

    Capitol street invasion scenes!!! 😀

    Hopefully Carla can be an extra!

    • Carla

      well, i don’t know if i look “thin” enough but i’m damn well going to try! =D

  • Louise Mossige

    Immediately thinking of Carla :))

    • Carla

      thanks, louise! =)

  • Sophie

    Do you have to be 18 or can you be 16?

    • Carla

      they seem to be very specific that applicants should be between ages 18-65 only.

  • Caleb

    According to another article from a German website – filming for this big production (probably Mockingjay) is to also move to Potsdam. In school I learn German and we recently studied Potsdam as a film location. Because of the style of the town – it is usually used for historic films (recent productions include The Book Thief, Monuments Men and previously Inglorious Bastards) so if Mockingjay is set to shoot here, the location is set to be a beautiful, historic, picturesque town of high, stylish buildings. It’s not how I pictured the Capitol, but I can’t think of what else this could be!?

    • Carla

      if you mean the morgenpost article, i believe what they meant was that the production in germany is in association with babelsberg studios, which are located in potsdam, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll film there. they could be associated for logistics purposes. i go to potsdam quite often and you’re right, it doesn’t quite have a “war-torn city” look to it, nor does it look very capitol either.

      i don’t think they’re actually going to film there, personally (we certainly haven’t heard anything about it from the crew, and francis lawrence was very specific about tempelhof)… unless they need to film something in-studio, that is, like the movies you mentioned. but they could’ve done that in atlanta, where it’s cheaper, so…?

  • Hana

    Good luck Carla!

    Meanwhile, LOL…where are they going to find all those African-AMERICANS in Germany. Let’s hope it read more logically in German!

    • Carla

      thanks! =)

      and lol, actually yes, they DO say “african-americans,” even in the original german text. i’m going to go out on a limb here, though, and guess that they mean “american” as in, from the WHOLE of the american continent (north/central/caribbean/south), as opposed to just the united states. so in that context other nationalities would count, like for example afro-antillean people and such. there are many people living here who are from the islands of the caribbean, for example, or german descendants of caribbean people.

  • Chiara

    Do you think they only hire people living in germany?

    • Carla

      unfortunately, they say in the announcement that they’re only accepting people from berlin and its surroundings. extras from other cities won’t be considered for the movie.

  • Seri Park

    They will probably delete all the Asians, like they always do in Hollywood… Hollywood even whitewashes San Francisco and Hawaii, which is majority Asian!!!