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Thousands of Eager Fans Flock to ‘Mockingjay’ Casting Call in Berlin


A massive casting call took place today in Berlin for a large Hollywood production whose title is being kept under wraps, but from the descriptions of the people they’re looking for and the sheer number of them, most people assumed it was for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, since director Francis Lawrence revealed last year that production for the last two films in the franchise would move to Berlin sometime this summer.

I couldn’t be there myself due to personal commitments (not to worry, though: I’ve already submitted my info online, so keep your fingers crossed for me!), but hundreds of hopefuls stood in line this morning at the Delphi Filmpalast, which is a movie theater in the heart of the city. Several local newspapers reported on the event.


According to the Berliner Morgenpost, people were already lining up at the entrance even two hours before admission, and the line stretched all the way down adjacent streets Hardenbergstraße and Fasanenstraße. When the event was set to start at 10 am, casting agency head Johanna Ragwitz stood at the front of the line and reminded people that the casting did not require any singing or dancing; they just had to fill out the application, take their picture, and be done. This raised chuckles from the crowd.

People in line: “You mean Dieter’s not here?”
Ragwitz: “No, not even Heidi.”

The above of course referring to Dieter Bohlen, jury of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (“Germany searches for a Superstar”), which is sort of the German version of American Idol, and Heidi Klum, famous supermodel and jury in several TV contest shows both in the US and in Germany.

By 11 am, more than 3500 people had already gone in, according to police estimates. The Morgenpost article includes some funny comments and anecdotes from several of the people who participated, including a pair of 49-year-old siblings who thought they’d have luck because they had the “twin bonus,” parents who were there exclusively because their children are fans but are too young for the part, and a couple of hopefuls who didn’t even know what The Hunger Games was. You can see a video of some of the people in line below, thanks to local paper B.Z.:

Even though the event seems to have been a success, neither the Filmgesichter Casting Agency nor Studio Babelsberg (which is overseeing the German branch of the production and is a rumored filming location) have confirmed the title of the film. The Berliner Zeitung reached out to Studio Babelsberg spokesman Eike Wolf about the casting call, but although he confirmed “initial preparations are on the way” for the film, he did not say it was actually Mockingjay. Still, it’s not hard to guess.

Good luck to all the hopefuls! Can’t wait for the filming to actually start.

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