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Jennifer Lawrence Speaks With UK’s Psychologies Magazine

Shout out to hggirlonfire for the article from Psychologies (June 2014 UK edition) magazine with Jennifer Lawrence. After all the hype of Catching Fire, which has sizzled down to nothing but coals during this news drought, I found it extremely refreshing to read this article on Jennifer Lawrence. It’s easy for us Hunger Games fan’s to forget, not only did we fall in love with the books and movies, but also we fell in love with what was off the screen. Jennifer is so lovingly human, and this article was the perfect way to take me back to that place where I could feel like I re-connected with the actress whom we all have loved for so long.

If you are like me and you have read many articles on Jennifer Lawrence, skip the intro (we don’t learn anything new there) and head straight for the interview. I’ve typed out my favorite excerpt of the article below.

Is it true that you lost your Oscar?
I didn’t lose it, my [mom] stole it! I put all my awards in this little closet in my house, only because it made me feel a bit weird when I had people visiting – I didn’t want to be showing off saying, ‘look what I did.’ So I just hid them away in this closet. But my [mom] thought that was disrespectful, so she took the Oscar and the rest of the awards home to Kentucky.

How do you deal with celebrity and fame?
Fame doesn’t mean much to me, but I do love being in a position where I can help my family. That’s been a real blessing – it’s a wonderful feeling to know that after everything my parents sacrificed to get me to this place, I can now give them some peace of mind and take care of whatever they need. My family is the reason why I am where I am and who I am, and my brothers are the most important people to me. One of my brothers has a baby, and to know that I can help him pay for my nephew’s education if he ever needs it is great. My other brother really enjoys traveling, and I love that I can surprise him with a flight to Australia or wherever he wants to go. Being able to do those kinds of things for all of them is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

It’s lovely that you want to look after your family, but do you ever just spoil yourself?
I don’t have expensive tastes. I’ve been driving the same car for years now and I’m not about to go and buy a Porsche or something. My family always taught me to have good sense when it comes to money, so just because I have some money now doesn’t mean that I have to go and spend it! I’m at my happiest doing simple things and hanging out with my friends and my family.

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