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PHOTO: Closer Look At Cannes Poster Confirms Mockingjay’s Tagline


Le feu flambe d’autant plus vivement dans l’obscurite. Translated from French, it means “Fire burns even more strongly in the dark.”

Thanks to a newer photo from @FiftyShadesEN at Cannes, we now know what the tagline for Mockingjay Part 1 will be. The tagline is slightly different from an English version that was floating around Tumblr earlier this week, “Fire burns brighter in the dark.”

What do you think, Tributes? The line is actually a direct quote from¬†Mockingjay, though it comes after a certain traumatic event has happened to Katniss, which is why our staffer Carla felt like it had to be from Part 2. In the book,¬†Katniss says that closing her eyes doesn’t help because fire burns brighter in the darkness, which causes her to see the event all over again.

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