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Yahoo! Movies Interviews the Cast of Mockingjay at Cannes

Ben Lyons, of Yahoo! Movies, got the chance to interview the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as well as director Francis Lawrence at the red carpet for Lionsgate’s Mockingjay party at Cannes.

Unfortunately the video isn’t embeddable so you’ll have to skip over to Yahoo! Movies to watch it, but I definitely recommend giving it a glance because they all offer some insight into the filming and their expectations for the movie:

  • Jennifer says she’s looking forward to seeing District Thirteen come to life, and confirms that we will see scenes from outside Katniss’ PoV, including scenes in the Capitol with President Snow.
  • Josh reiterates how much bigger these movies get as the plot goes along, and mentions how sad he is that it’s all going to end soon. 🙁 (lalalala, we can’t hear you, Josh, we’re in denial, lalalala!).
  • Liam talks about being happy that Gale gets in on the action this time around, and comments on how physical this last shoot has been for him.
  • Francis Lawrence talks about the difficulties of filming two movies back-to-back, and how the plot of Mockingjay, and indeed the entire trilogy, makes it easier because it feels like one big story divided into four parts.
  • And last but not least, Julianne Moore talks about how she became a fan of the trilogy through her children, and working in a role that has such a specific physical description in the book.

Once again, you can head on over to Yahoo! Movies to watch the full interview. Be sure to tell us in a comment what you think about it! Are their comments making you even more excited? What are you most looking forward to from the two Mockingjay movies?

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