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Mockingjay Filming: Cast, Extras Spotted at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport

There wasn’t a lot of movement at Tempelhof Airport today because it was raining the whole day (it’s still raining as I post this, actually), but some pictures of the cast on set have surfaced online, including the one below, which confirms that Woody Harrelson is indeed in Berlin.

Considering that in the book Haymitch remains in District 13 while Katniss and Gale go off to District 2, we’re wondering what Woody’s presence on the Tempelhof set means. Is this an indication that Haymitch will also travel to D2 in the movie? What do you think?

Apart from that, we’ve got a few more exclusive pictures of the set from our intrepid reader Toni, including pictures of hovercraft seats, a closer look at the military vehicles they’re using for the battle scenes, and tarps going up to keep the set pieces safe from the rain.

Images from the set have also surfaced via German newspapers and Unfortunately we can’t post them here, but you can click on those two links to see the images. In these pictures we can see some different angles of the set, plus some set props (are those missiles?), and even a first look at some of the extras they called for the battle scenes.

What do you think of all these pictures coming in from Berlin? Hopefully the next few days the weather will be better and we’ll get better glimpses at the filming!

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