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Sam Claflin’s “Love, Rosie” Teaser Trailer 3 Released


Finnick’s relationship with Annie struggles to survive through a Quarter Quell and Capitol capture, but in his new movie “Love, Rosie” (based on the novel “Where Rainbows End”) he may have found himself in an even more dangerous place — the friend zone.

Sam Claflin plays Alex, whose family moves from Dublin to the United States where he attends college, or “uni” for you Brits and Aussies. The long distance relationship puts his friendship with Rosie┬áto the test as they see if absence truly does make the heart grow fonder while answering the question: “Can a boy and a girl ever be best friends?”

“Love, Rosie” was directed by Cecilia Ahern who also directed “P.S. I Love You”, so we may have a bit of a tear jerker on our hands. If you are interested to see Sam Claflin charming another red-head, watch the “Love, Rosie” trailer below.

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