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Capitol Couture And Yahoo! Movies Celebrates Seven District Heroes


Lionsgate has launched their District Heroes campaign as the Capitol Ministry of Information via Yahoo! Movies with seven districts and seven all new characters, including Lily Elsington pictured above.

District Heroes from Districts 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 12 are available.


Fibre Bissette, District 3. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Nadia Dolan, District 4. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Malcolm Kastel, District 6. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Elias Haan, District 7. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Triti Lancaster, District 9. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Felix Stam, District 10. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]


Lily Elsington, District 12. [Capitol Couture] [Yahoo!]

Each of the stories tries to highlight miserable work conditions in some way, making it sound very Capitol. Hopefully this is just the start of today’s release!

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