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President Snow’s “Together As One” White Throne is For Sale!


If you’ve ever wanted to look as regal as the evil leader of a totalitarian regime and just happen to have a thousand bucks to spare, here’s the perfect item to add to your furniture collection: Elegant Accents is selling the same model of throne President Snow sat on for his “Together As One” Panem address (their “King Lion Throne Chair” model) for a cool US$ 995.

The chair is hand carved from solid mahogany (of course!) imported from southeast Asia. What’s more, if the white-on-white model doesn’t match the rest of your Capitolesque décor, you can also get it in different color schemes, including brown and tan, gold and blue, or even leopard or zebra print. We’re sure Effie would approve!

You can see all the different models over at Elegant Accents. What do you think of the fact that President Snow’s throne is up for sale? I think most of us here at Jabberjays were so properly creeped out by Snow’s “Together As One” address that we wouldn’t approach this thing with a ten-foot-pole, but it is a part of the Hunger Games universe now, so many will see it as a collector’s item. What about you: provided you had enough spending money, would you ever consider buying one? Tell us in a comment.

Thanks to Panem Propaganda for the tip.

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