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Tell Us Your #OurLeaderTheMockingjay Teaser Trailer Predictions



With the debut of the teaser trailer at Comic Con happening in just over two hours, we want to hear what you think will be in the Our Leader the Mockingjay teaser trailer! Post a comment below with your official prediction!¬†Our only “rule” for this is to comment before you hear spoilers or tell us what your prediction was before you heard anything! (but hopefully you won’t have heard spoilers)

Our staffers will log in their predictions on an ongoing basis, so you can check back on this post to see what everyone thinks!


I’m going to go with the unpopular opinion that we’re going to get another propo, but this one will be a full blown rebel propo from District 13 featuring Katniss in District 8. I know everyone wants a traditional trailer, but I’ve loved the Capitol propos campaign so much that I’d love to see them continue it. This is, after all, a teaser trailer, we still have a full trailer to go! I’d love to be able to see Katniss’ full District 8 propo¬†now and then just have snippets of it play on screens in the film. We discussed on JabberCast before how it might be a bit awkward to have it play full screen, so this way we’d get to see it in all its glory!


I hear spoilers are out, but I’m avoiding Twitter until I write this down. I know any expectations I have will probably be squashed, but what I want to see is this: Katniss walking through the ruins of District 12 while we hear Coin and Plutarch talking about her being resistant to take the title of Mockingjay. I want to see a sad, traumatized, reluctant Katniss until Coin says “I told you we should have saved the boy.” Then cut to Peeta all in white in the Capitol with a flash of him being tortured and Prim telling Katniss that Snow is using Peeta to try to break her. Cue the music and short snippets of the new Mockingjay symbol as we see Katniss, Gale, and Beetee in the weapons room, shots of her in the District 8 hospital, shooting at Capitol ships in District 8, and ending with Katniss glaring at the camera and shouting “If we burn, you burn with us!” before cutting to the full Mockingjay symbol with theater release details and the new hashtag. Will we see any of this? Probably not, but this is what I want.


Keeping in line with the already released Capitol propoganda I’m expecting another propo from the District 13/rebel camp this time. Lots of shots of Katniss looking badass, inspirational and the saviour of all of us. I’m so torn between wanting to see footage in the style of a traditional trailer and trusting in the marketing to show as little as possible. I think it’s a golden opportunity to use the in-marketing propoganda already laid out in the book and would be a sin to waste it. So I’m expecting either Katniss herself or a voice-over inspiring the rebels to keep fighting for freedom with very little actual film footage. If we’re lucky, just maybe a glimpse of the fighting in District 8.

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