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The Capitol Highlights Capitol Concerns From Citizens of Panem


When TheCapitol.PN launched Capitol Concerns, a lot of fans were perplexed by this little “feedback” feature of the site. Were we supposed to roleplay as a citizen of Panem and give them some sickeningly compliant praise of the Capitol? Were we allowed to complain about the lack of a trailer? Just what was the end goal here?

Some time in the last week–we’re not sure when–the Capitol site updated with a section for One Panem, which features three moving images made up of golden triangles. The first, shown above, is a clenched fist and the word TRIUMPH. Mouse over the flittering triangles and you’ll see that you can click on Capitol Concerns logged in by citizens of Panem along with their district and occupation.


A second image also appears, this time in the shape of a rose with the word LEAD.



The third is a shield featuring the word PROTECT.

Have you logged in a Capitol Concern? Did you find yours among the crowd?

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