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Francis Lawrence On The Expanded World And Film Split In ‘Mockingjay


In a new Entertainment Weekly interview with Francis Lawrence, the director of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay gives us a bit of insight on his approach for the final two movies in the franchise. Lawrence noted that he’s excited to expand the world of Panem beyond where the books were able to take readers. He assured fans there will be no major changes from the book.

“For us it’s world expansion instead of changing things. I think it’s exciting for the fan[s] to see certain things. So we’ve been able to open the world up in this and see some new places. We get to see some new districts this time and the scope gets quite large.”

As for the split of the two movies? He’s still playing coy with that bit of information, calling it one of the “really good surprises” of the film.

“This is where the meaning of the entire series comes into play. The answer to why these books exist exists in Mockingjay, and that’s really been exciting to me,” said Lawrence.  “That’s been kind of what I’ve hung on to through these stories.”

We just love that.

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