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JabberCast Episode #11 – Yellow Flicker Beat


We’re back with Episode #11 of JabberCast to talk all about Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat and who we think Lorde has asked to be on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. We hear all about how much “Aunty Ciara” hates Atlas and U2 and the parallels between The Hunger Games and Jumanji. We also discuss the new stills.

Please be warned, this episode contains SPOILERS for Mockingjay.

Jabberjays on this episode:

  • Crystal in Hawaii
  • Carla in Germany
  • Grant in New Jersey
  • Ciara in Ireland
  • Tash in Australia

Singers we pitched out as artists we’d like to see on the soundtrack included:

Listen to the episode and let us know who you think should be on the soundtrack!

About Crystal

A 40-year-old mom to three living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Crystal Watanabe is a full-time freelance fiction editor.

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