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New Stills From ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ Include District 13 And Buttercup


New stills have been released via the Our Leader the Mockingjay app that takes tributes on a tour of District 13 including the infirmary, the underground bunker, the cafeteria, and a room we’ve seen in the trailer called the Collective. Plus… BUTTERCUP!!

Our thanks to for the images, as we haven’t been able to access any of the content past the initial schematic screen.





UPDATE: Here’s three more!

D13-location-stills-01 D13-location-stills-02 D13-location-stills-03



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  • Im so excited because this is exactly how I pictured it!!!

  • Erin Poulin

    God, I’m so happy they recast that stupid black-and-white cat from the first movie!

  • xoxotippadee


  • Amy

    Great sets. I love those columns/stairs(?) in the Collective.

  • kathy

    Totally cool! Can’t wait for the infamous Buttercup/Katniss meltdown in D2….Ahhhhh! Another year!

  • Lars

    The app is still not available in my country 🙁

  • Pulchritudinous

    Gah, everything looks so different from what I imagined in my head, especially the bunker.

    I just the book and it looks like the Collective (the large room where President Coin makes her speech) kept its name. Also, I love how you can see higher-up officials sitting behind Coin in that photo; they do the same thing in the Capitol with Snow.

  • Carlos

    There have been more released! Including living quarters, the special weapons room, and the hospital!

  • Naomi

    It’s Crazy Cat

    • xoxotippadee

      OMG IT IS :’)

  • Carlos

    IMPORTANT: Crystal, you don’t even need a Doritos bag to unlock the content. All you have to do is go online, and scan a Dortitos Logo picture from the computer screen. I just did it and it said unlock successful!

    • Can you link me to it? I don’t know how to find one. lol Or is it not even a special logo?

      • Carlos

        It doesn’t matter which one you use but here’s the one I used.

        • I ended up finding one, but I don’t know how to move between levels. Do you?

          • Carlos

            Yupp 🙂 once you are actually looking at the map of D13, all you have to do is swipe down to move down toward other levels. If you look on the left hand side of the screen, there’s like a scale that tells you what levels you are looking at.

          • I only seem to be able to visit two levels, is that how many there are? I haven’t seen Haymitch’s profile so I’m not sure if I got them all.

          • Carlos

            Theres only two, excluding the level you start at when you first get into the D13 Map

  • devonwhpfan

    Wow I love the powerful imagery of district 13 holding up their fists, it reminds me of the civil rights movements during the olympics!

  • Satsuma

    For some reason, some of the pics actually remind me of Star Trek and other sci-fi sets showing internals of space-ships and space-stations. The pics really make D13 come across as closed off from the outside world. I also like how the lighting in these depicts a grey D13, as opposed to some other pics where D13 seemed more “beige”.

  • Dylan

    When I go to take a pick to unlock district 12 under grown it says move device back and won’t do nothing Else

    • Dylan

      I mean district 13