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Scholastic Releases Special Foil Edition of The Hunger Games Trilogy

Last year, Scholastic Australia released a special foil edition of The Hunger Games trilogy and I practically shrieked when I saw them online. I had Tash go out to a bookstore and snag me two sets, then paid her an alarming amount of money to have them shipped all the way from Australia to Hawaii. When they arrived, it was so worth it. They’re gorgeous.

But whenever I talked about them, people would be like, I want one! And yet, the cost was just scary.

However, for some bizarre reason, we completely missed the fact that Scholastic in the United States was finally coming out with a foil edition. It went on sale September 30, over two weeks ago!



I mean, just look at that! Gorgeous!

Seriously, parents, this just screams Christmas present for the Hunger Games fan in your house! This set is a set of paperbacks and can be purchased on Amazon for around $23.00.

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