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GERMANY: Elizabeth Banks Attending Exclusive Mockingjay Part One Screening

Elizabeth Banks hot at The Hunger Games-15

It’s confirmed that Effie, actress Elizabeth Banks, is going to attend the red carpet and exclusive Screening for Mockingjay Part One in Berlin as special guest.

This screening is for invited people only and will be attended by other local stars and winners of diverse tickets.

In summer 2014 a abandoned power plant in the heart of Berlin was used as a set for the filming of Mockingjay Part One. To be more precise the abandoned powerplant is the southern part of the former CHP Berlin-Mitte.  Now the same powerplant is going to be used as an special location for this screening! A cinema will build just for this event. The screening will take place on November 11th , one day after the world premiere in London.




Many thanks  Studiocanal Germany for giving us this information

Elizabeth Banks will be attending the exclusive screening of Mokcingjay Part One in Germany in a very special location!

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