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Photos: Supra to Release Limited Edition Sneakers Inspired by The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1


Shoe maker Supra has partnered with Lionsgate to release three limited edition Mockingjay-inspired sneakers to celebrate the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. got to preview two of the models, which will be on sale from November 8, with the third model, which will be released on Black Friday, to be revealed soon. The two models are the ‘District 13’ Vaider and the ‘Capitol Couture’ Skytop IV and I couldn’t help but think of Peeta when spying the Skytop pair!

‘District 13’ Vaider:

‘Capitol Couture’ Skytop IV:

A few Jabberjays staff are quite excited about the District 13 Vaider pair as the Mockingjay symbol on the side could pass for our logo! What do you think tributes? Will you be asking for a pair of these for Christmas?

Thanks to Hunger Games Trilogy.

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  • AshleyLaurenW

    Is there a price point for the shoes? They are really awesome!!!

    • I love the D13 shoe, though the fire pattern on the inside is slightly cheesy. Carla was saying you could maybe see the bird inside being the JJ logo, so love that part! lol

      • AshleyLaurenW

        lol yea I thought that was pretty clever on the design department.. I want all 3 shoes buuut I couldn’t spend that much on shoes.. I’ll have to settle with photos lol

    • Tash

      Not that I could find on their site Ashley 🙁 I’d say we’ll have to wait until they are listed on their website.

  • These are absolutely awesome! How limited are these editions and where can we get them?

    • Tash

      Not sure how many units are available – if you visit Supra’s website (link in the post) they just have their announcement of the shoes and no extra details unfortunately. I’d say check their site on November 8 as soon as you can if you’re interested!

      • Cool. I guess there’s no way to get them besides on the website. They’re really cool to look at even if I don’t manage to get them for myself. I love the firey inner lining. It’s like you can be a stealth mega fan all day wearing he D13 Vaiders and other fans will get it as soon as they spot them but they can just as easily be used as a sturdy, practical pair of shoes. I think they’re tastefully done 🙂

  • OMG so excited to buy these sneakers!! Where can I get them?