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HungerGamesFoodDrive_hero_landscape is partnering with BBYO, a Jewish-teen organization, for an incredibly relevant campaign to end hunger. The “Can-Tribute” (props for the pun!) focuses on getting youth active in their own communities to donate canned goods to feed the “49 million people [living] in households without enough food to eat.” In the words of Diane, a representative for, this is a chance for fans to “channel their inner Katniss or Peeta and run a Hunger Games-themed competitive food drive.”

The rules for the games are easy. Each donor/group of donors is assigned a box labeled with a District. Then each district selects a tribute to keep up with the collected canned goods. The districts compete and whoever collects the fewest goods is eliminated in rounds until a final victor is left. (Unless someone donates a can of nightlock then no one wins.)

After all the cans are collected, tally all the donations, snap a picture as evidence of all the tributes who participated, and send the goods to your local food bank. The deadline for submitting your photo is November 6th. The winners will be selected from “the three largest submissions of food items,” for the Grand Prize of a local pre-screening of Mockingjay Part 1 for the winning tribute as well as 20 of his/her friends.

Be sure to check out the great things and BBYO are doing, and for more details see the official Can-Tribute page.

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