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District Debriefing November Issue Is Now Out!


The November issue of District Debriefing is out! Those of you who are already subscribed to our monthly newsletter should already have it in your inboxes, with the main story for the month being the final Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 trailer and TV spots. If you haven’t yet subscribed and want to do so, just go here:

Also, please everybody give a round of applause to our regular commenter and newest Jabberjay Shannon (aka SPM) for doing such an excellent job on this issue. Glad to have her in the team!

The District Debriefing gives you a monthly rundown of the latest news about The Hunger Games and our newest content on


We’d be very grateful for any feedback you can give us, so let us know what you think of the newsletter and if you see any way we can improve it. We hope you find this feature enjoyable and an easy way to keep in touch with us!

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Carla Pinilla is a 34-year-old Chemical Engineer from Panama city, Panama. A consummate fangirl, she spends her time reading, writing (mainly fanfiction), or watching way too many TV shows.

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