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Amazing Fan-Made Mockingjay Costume


A few weeks ago we closed the submissions for our Halloween contest, but we received a late entry too incredible not to acknowledge. Kendall Veronick, a fifteen year old girl from Moreno Valley, California, wowed us with her extremely detailed costume replicating Katniss’ Mockingjay dress. No, the dress doesn’t transform before your very eyes or burst into flames when she spins, but it’s nonetheless awe-inspiring.


Kendall explained, “Altogether, I used roughly 1500 feathers, so you can imagine how tedious it was to dye, dry, comb them out and glue them all on individually.” As if that didn’t show enough creative dedication, she also hand sewed and painted the gorgeous designs of her dress. The extra touch of intricately applied eye jewels and make-up also caught the attention of her friends.


Kendall explained the source of her inspiration saying, “I really, really love the Hunger Games movies…” and, “[Katniss and I] have similar features and a similar structure.” She also noted, “my whole family loves Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s a great actress and we love her personality; my family actually says I’m a lot like her, but that’s just how they see it.”

Kendall quickly volunteered a shout out to her mother and sister for helping her create this masterful replication of Katniss’ Mockingjay dress that I feel would even make Cinna proud. When asked if she would be wearing the dress to her local premier of Mockingjay Part I, Kendall didn’t give us good odds for that happening.

Be sure to comment to let Kendall and us know what you think of her visionary accomplishment. Are y’all planning on dressing up on opening night?

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