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Compiled List of Mockingjay – Part 1 Reviews

As we all know, Mockingjay – Part 1 has had its world premiere in London, and reviews for the film are pouring in! Here is a compiled list of all of them, along with the critics’ scores for the film. We will be sure to mark which reviews contain spoilers. This post will continued to be updated as more reviews are posted online.

First and foremost, our very own Jabberjays have reviewed the film (both reviews are immensely positive and spoiler-free!):

Luan’s Review

Ciara’s Review

And now, the critics’ reviews. Fair warning, most of them include spoilers, so read at your own risk!

IGN – 8/10 (spoiler-free)

Variety – Positive (minor spoilers) – 4/5 (spoilers)

The Hollywood Reporter – Negative (minor spoilers)

TheWrap – Positive (spoilers)

The Guardian – 3/5 (minor spoilers)

Total Film – 4/5 (minor spoilers)

Forbes – 6/10 (spoilers)

Badass Digest – Positive (spoilers)

Screen Daily – Positive (minor spoilers)

The Telegraph – 3/5 ( minor spoilers)

Daily Star – 4/5 (spoiler-free)

HeyUGuys – 4/5 (spoiler-free)

Digital Spy – 4/5 (spoilers)

Cinema Blend – 4/5 (minor spoilers)

Filmoria –  5/5 (spoilers)

CineVue – 3/5 (spoilers)

Mirror – 3/5  (spoiler-free)

Entertainment Wise – Positive (minor spoilers)

The Reel Deal – 4/5 (spoiler-free)

Independent – Mixed (spoilers!)

The Times – 4/5 (spoilers)

SlashFilm – 7.5/10 (spoilers)

Standard – 5/5 (spoiler-free)

The Hollywood News – 4/5 (minor spoilers)

Time Out – 4/5 (spoiler-free)

More reviews will be posted as they are found, but for now, the film is getting great reviews! Common critiques include complaints on the split (to be expected), but on the whole, the reviews are quite positive! What do you think of the reviews? Are they changing your opinions of the film before it comes out?

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