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VIDEO: Sam Claflin Talks About His “Airy” Hospital Gown


In typical Sam Claflin-fashion, this latest interview with The Telegraph is very silly and self-deprecating. Avoiding talking about the more serious aspects of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, he and the interviewer hit a number of varying topics…

On wanting to play Katniss:

“I can wear a wig, I can do bow and arrows…stuff.”

On Jennifer Lawrence being sick:

“I don’t know if her and Josh have been kissing secretly…”

And on his costumes in Mockingjay Part 1:

“I was used to wearing the wetsuit last year [in Catching Fire]…I spent quite a lot of this film in a hospital gown as well, so for me, it was very airy…down there, compared to what I’m used to.”

Watch the interview here:

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