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Julianne Moore On the “human quality” of President Coin in Mockingjay

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We’ve heard plenty of talk about a more “human quality” in Julianne Moore’s portrayal of President Coin and in a new interview with Radio Times, Moore sheds a little more light:

“I wanted to bring a human quality to her. In the books she’s really only represented from Katniss’ point of view. You don’t know who she is; [she’s] tremendously opaque. I wanted to give her an evolution as a human being and a political evolution as well.

“So it was interesting to me that she’d been underground all these years, that she’d lost her family, that she was a female leader, that she had lived with this kind of incredible restraint – not a lot of food. Everyone in District 13 is described as being very thin, because they haven’t had any food for years and years.

“Katniss observes that her hair is so perfect, she wonders if it’s a wig. I thought: well, there’s something to that. Someone who’s been underground that long who’s very thin, very quiet, but whose hair is that perfect – is that a clue to who she is?”

She also revealed that she is indeed wearing a wig on screen and pays tribute to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. There is a mini spoiler at the end of the article, so don’t scroll all the way down if you’re spoiler wary!

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