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German Ring-Con Convention Under the Sign of the Mockingjay

From October 17-19th the German Ring Con(vention) took place in the Maritim Hotel Bonn in the area of Cologne. As you may think this convention is all about the one ring to bind them all , the one ring to…whatever ! Everything about Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. But no! A group of die-hard hunger fames fans assembled and took stage in the convention center, presenting their very own “Hunger Games Fashion Show”!

Watch the impressions of the interpretations of the Capitol-Chic and Katniss Everdeens Cosplays in the gallery!

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At the convention some cosplayers got the chance to take high quality photos with the awesome Fotograf-13: Look at these stunning, beautiful shots!

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I have to say: the German cosplay communitiy seems to be small. But we have fine quality art and as a cosplay beginner I am proud that these group of awesome cosplayers made this incredible fashion show about The Hunger Games! The next time I will be there, too (if I have no exams). Promise! 😉


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Vivien is a german author for . When she isn't drawing, sewing her cosplays oder fangirling about The Hunger Games and Marvel Comics, she is studying human medicine. Together with her lovely fat fluffy hamster she sometimes get the wildest adventures.

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