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VIDEO: Julianne Moore on Coin’s Muted Look and the Glamour of the Red Carpet

Julianne Moore spoke to the UK’s Grazia Daily and talked about President Coin, her feelings on Coin’s drab look in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and the difference between that and the glamorous outfits she wears for red carpet events.

“We actually joked with Kurt and Bart, too, about how you have to make a grand entrance as President of the nation and you look like– you know, you’re dressed as someone who’s there to clean somebody’s apartment. It’s really… it’s not a glamorous look, but it’s very comfortable!”

Also she was asked what law she would enforce if she were actually President for a day — and her answer is a really sweet one! :3

You can watch the video above, and remember to tell us what you think of her comments.

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