Breaking News to Launch March 1, 2015

Happy Monday, Tributes! The staff here at would like to announce a new site that we are currently developing called The Geeky Pub. While wondering what we are supposed to do without each other onceĀ The Hunger Games reaches the end of the road, several of us knocked our heads together to come up with an excuse to stay the close friends we are forever. And we’d like to invite all of you to come along, too!

Since has always had a very strong and wonderful readerbase that loves to interact with us, we felt it was only fitting to start a site that centered around just that: discussion. There are plenty of news sites, and we’ll link to them often on Twitter, but we didn’t want to become just another news site. We want a place that’s fun and talkative and open. That’s where The Geeky Pub (hopefully) comes in.

Our focus will be reviews, recaps, and discussionsĀ of our favorite tv shows, movies, books, games, and even comics. We’ll also have a podcast where we freak out over the latest trailers or the fact that Spidey’s coming back to the Marvel CU. Our articles and posts are called “tables,” and all you need to do is find a table and start talkin’. With friends from Ender News,, and HGGirlonFire on staff, we hope you’ll find a geeky home with us for years to come.

Enjoy our pre-launch trailer above and we hope to see you at The Geeky Pub soon!

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A 40-year-old mom to three living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Crystal Watanabe is a full-time freelance fiction editor.

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