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‘Mockingjay Part 1’ Teaser Titled ‘Mockingjay Logo Reveal-Remember’

News has begun circulating about the teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 playing ahead of Insurgent later this week and a staffer has confirmed that the teaser, which runs 0:50 in the United States, is titled “Mockingjay Logo Reveal-Remember.”

The title, which has gotten a lot of people speculating that the teaser is more than the bird, is easy to interpret in opposing views. It could simply mean, “Hey, remember Katniss? She’s got one more movie coming out!” Or it could be Part 2 content related, since we all know that Peeta must remember who he is.

The logo transformation above takes up 43 seconds (though some is black screen), so there’s an extra 7 seconds to be accounted for. What do you think this is, tributes? My own speculation is that it’s some kind of generic movie message such as, “The stunning conclusion to the worldwide phenomenon, November 2015” or something along those lines. Give us your thoughts!

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