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RUMOR: Francis Lawrence Being Sought After to Direct Star Wars Episode IX

I Am Legend

As if there weren’t enough mind-blowing news today, the rumor has started swirling around the web that our very own Francis Lawrence is already being sought after for a huge project after the Hunger Games series is over.

According to, a “very reputable source” has confirmed that Francis is in Disney/LucasFilm’s sights to direct Star Wars Episode IX. It had been speculated that Episode VII director J.J. Abrams would be coming back for the last installment of this new trilogy, but now it seems like he may not– opening the door for Francis to step in if he so wishes. (And why wouldn’t he? He’s amazing!).

Keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed by Disney, LucasFilm, or any other official sources, so for the moment we’re considering it just a rumor. Still, how amazing would that be?!

Remember back when Francis was first announced as the director for Catching Fire, how reluctant many in the fandom were because he didn’t have that great a resume? But we gave him the benefit of the doubt, and he absolutely knocked Catching Fire out of the park. Then he did an amazing job with Mockingjay Part 1 and we’re sure the same will be said about Part 2.

And now he may be in consideration for Star Wars. STAR WARS, GUYS. Just to hear his name attached to conversation about that franchise is incredible, so needless to say I’m FREAKING OUT over this news. How about you? Do you think Francis might actually get the job? Sound off in a comment!

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  • SPM

    Hmm. If our boy Francis directs, I may have to forswear my self-imposed JJ Abrams/Star Wars ban and check it out.

    • Carla

      you have a jj abrams/star wars ban???? that’s it, we can’t be friends anymore.

      (i kid, i kid… but seriously, why).

      • SPM

        I was so mad after what he did with “Into Darkness” that I vowed I was done with him. (Thank goodness for Benedict Cumberbatch, who was the only worthwhile thing about it.) And that’s saying nothing of how JJ abandoned the storytelling on “Alias,” which for 1.5 seasons was the greatest show ever.

        • SPM

          I’m also not looking forward to seeing the old heads come back. I find it depressing.

  • Barrel Rider

    I think he would be great for Star Wars and I’m sure it’d be a honor to him to direct…but there is no way he’s gonna get the job. Many too many other directors in the run for that position. He’d probably be a downgrade compared to J.J Abrams.

    • Carla

      that’s what it looks like on paper, but honestly, all it takes is the opportunity. so many people thought francis lawrence was “too low on the totem pole” (especially after academy award-nominated gary ross) to helm a hunger games movie, but he proved everyone wrong. all it takes is a leap of faith, and if lucasfilm is actually considering him and they like his vision for the film, then why not?

      • Barrel Rider

        Oh by all means I’m rooting for him. I loved what he did for Catching Fire, never doubted him on that one. Now, Lucasfilm may be considering him I just don’t think they’ll actually go with him in the end simply because he stills seems unqualified for the job.

  • Wow that’s amazing! I’m a little late on this one :L I’m not sure I can trust the ‘very reputable source’ until it’s been named and I agree it’s reputable, but it’s amazing news nevertheless, if there’s truth in it. I was expecting JJ Abrams for the whole series, but oh well