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PHOTOS: The Hunger Games Exhibition


I was lucky enough to have an early preview of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition before the grand opening this Wednesday July 1st. On Lionsgate’s request the full review is embargoed until tomorrow, but we can post a ton of pictures! If you want the exhibition to be a surprise and don’t want to see any pictures, then do not continue reading!

Tour guide iPod touch:

Hall of Justice building and welcome:

District 12’s The Hob:

The woods and District 12:

The Tribute Train:

The Capitol:

The Arena:

District 13:

Katniss’ signature outfits:

Catching Fire tribute parade:

Fanart section, including our very own jabberjay Cory Simpson’s work!

Some of the items on sale at the gift shop:


The full review will be up tomorrow at 2 pm EST, and it will include a really cool video so be sure to stop by!

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