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Squad 451 Dons Blood-Red War Paint in New ‘Mockingjay’ Part 2 Character Posters


You know it’s Comic Con week when we start our Monday with a sudden deluge of Mockingjay Part 2 character posters. (Not that we’re complaining). This morning, fans were surprised when several entertainment media outlets began unveiling a series of 8 character posters featuring the main members of Squad 451 (and Prim) looking fierce and wearing Mockingjay-shaped, blood-red war point on their faces.

Check out all the posters below:

What do you think of these? Aren’t they epic?! We think they’re so much better than the ones we got last year– I know I would wallpaper my room with these if I could. We also love how the tagline changes slightly for each poster: “Activists,” “Soldiers,” “Sisters”… Which one’s your favorite? Tell us in a comment!

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