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VIDEO: Liam Hemsworth and Josh Horowitz Discuss Hunger Games’ End and the Han Solo Prequel Movie

After asking Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson the same thing, Josh Horowitz of MTV gave Liam Hemsworth the opportunity to give his unfiltered thoughts about Jennifer Lawrence (“she’s a nightmare to work with, terrible human being. They all are.”) Jokes, of course! Liam talks about the emotional end of the Hunger Games series, the group hug and Woody Harrelson’s heart-breaking speech. Keeping the Comic-Con vibe going Josh asked Liam about the possibility of him playing Han Solo in the recently announced Star Wars prequel (in which he jokingly auditions for the part) and about his current work in the Independence Day sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence. Liam’s thoughts on the expansion of The Hunger Games world in possible prequels/sequels/spin-offs was also touched upon:

I don’t know. It’s tough… I don’t know. The biggest thing for all of us doing these projects was to do the books justice. And there’s no more books, so it’d be hard to- I don’t know, look, it would need a lot of different things to come together in order for everyone to feel good about doing it.

Josh Horowitz always gets quality interviews with the gang so make sure to check out his other interviews with Jennifer and Josh.

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