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The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Online Store Now Open

Now that The Hunger Games: The Exhibition has officially opened at New York’s Discovery Times Square, the Exhibition’s website has opened its online store. This allows anyone to order items that would be available at the gift shop at the Exhibition. Here’s the link to the official online store.

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For a full report on The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, be sure to check out Jabberyjay Grant’s review, complete with photos and video.

As for myself, I won’t be purchasing the $7500 diamond and gold Mockingjay necklace that Grant described in his review but that Buttercup doll is ADORABLE. Hit the comments and be sure to tell us what you’ll be getting from the store! A Capitol wine glass for our of-legal-age readers who want to toast Haymitch? A fleece blanket to snuggle under while you re-watch the movies?

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