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Celebrate The 5 Year Anniversary of ‘Mockingjay’ On Snapchat!


In honor of the 5th anniversary since the publication of Suzanne Collins’ final book in The Hunger Games trilogy, ‘Mockingjay,’ the ‘MOCKINGJAYPT2’ official Snapchat will be hosting a week-long celebration with Mockingjay giveaways! Make sure to check their Snapchat story daily to learn how to enter!

Do you remember the release of ‘Mockingjay’ back in 2010? I started reading the trilogy right around Mockingjay’s release, so lucky for me I didn’t have to wait for any of the book’s to come out! Let us know your ‘Mockingjay’ experience in the comments below! 🙂

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From New Jersey, Grant enjoys eating food and obsessing over The Hunger Games. Grant also likes going to NYC and the beach in the summer. Unlike everyone else, Grant has no degrees in anything because he hasn't even graduated high school yet... *sigh*

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