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Jen, Josh & Liam Mockingjay Part II Fandango Interview

I keep thinking about how this is our last time around the horn with these trio interviews. Jennifer, Josh and Liam just keep getting more comfortable and candid with their interviews, so even though we are on our last film, we have so much fun and entertainment to look forward to!

Watch these three discuss fact and fiction and almost have a fight when Beyonce’s name is mentioned.

About Jared Beasley Sharpe

My name is Jared Sharpe, and it's a privilege to write for I'm from Vidalia Georgia - I'm 25 - I have an identical twin brother, Jackson, who also writes for the site because apparently twins do the same things - I double majored in Writing & Linguistics and Spanish - I sing, play piano, work out, and I'm a Site Coordinator of a 21st CCLC after school program. I like to create, and this is an awesome outlet. The Hunger Games trilogy inspires and captures my imagination, so I'm here to explore the world of THG books and movies with all of y'all.

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